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Malum Wins Defender® Bird Spike Installer of the Month for November

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    We’re thrilled to share some exciting news from Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control – your go-to solution for comprehensive pest and bird management in Southampton, Hampshire, and across the South Coast.

    Meet the Malum Bird & Pest Control Team

    At Malum, we’re proud to be a thriving pest control business led by Dean McFarlane and Dave Shilling. With a growing team of four skilled pest control technicians and two efficient office staff members, we’re committed to providing top-notch pest and bird control services. From tackling rodents, squirrels, and bed bugs to managing cockroach infestations and avian challenges, we’ve got you covered.

    Our Holistic Approach

    What sets Malum apart is our dedication to a premier pest and bird control service, employing a fully integrated approach. We not only eliminate pests but also investigate the root causes, ensuring a comprehensive solution that prevents recurrence. Our toolkit includes a variety of techniques – from the fantastic Defender Bird Spikes (our personal favourite) to netting, wire systems, gels, visual deterrents, falcons, or acoustics, tailored to each unique situation.

    Defender Bird Spikes Installer of the Month for November

    Now, the moment we’ve been eagerly waiting for – the recognition of Malum as the Defender Bird Spikes Installer of the Month for November! We’re humbled and honoured to receive this accolade.

    Let’s shine a spotlight on the projects that earned us this prestigious award – not just one but three remarkable jobs! Specialising in solar panel bird proofing, we take pride in offering customers the option of spiking the roof ridges after using mesh to prevent bird access. Two of our standout projects involved precisely that strategy, strategically installing spikes along the ridges post-proofing to bid farewell to those persistent pigeons. Ridge proofing might be often overlooked, but it’s vital for ensuring birds vacate the property completely. We’re thrilled that our attention to detail and expert execution shone through!

    Our third project may seem modest, but it underscores the importance of professional bird spike installation. We adorned Defender Steel Bird Spikes on drain and pipe work, showcasing our commitment to thorough and effective solutions. Equipped with the right access gear and insurance, we safely replaced ineffective systems, ensuring cleanliness and proper disinfection of pipes, drains, walls, and pathways. The cherry on top? Installing Defender Bird Spikes to safeguard against future avian intrusions.

    Why Defender Bird Spikes?

    In a quick chat with us, we were asked why we choose Defender Bird Spikes. Our response:

    “Defender spikes look nice and neat when installed, unlike some others which have pins sticking out at all kinds of angles, which is something really important on a domestic setting. Bird proofing isn’t something a homeowner wants to have to do, it’s a case of must do. So keeping it as aesthetically pleasing as possible is key… and nothing compares to the quality and effectiveness of Defender spikes… we are happy as a business to support a great UK based company, we love your merchandise”

    The Most Fulfilling Part

    The most fulfilling aspect of our work? Without a doubt, it’s receiving glowing feedback from satisfied customers after successfully resolving their bird-related issues. There’s a unique satisfaction in witnessing pigeons futilely attempting to access proofed solar panels or changing their flight direction abruptly when encountering spiked ledges.

    A heartfelt thank you to our entire team at Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control for their dedication. Congratulations to all of us on earning the coveted November Defender Installer of the Month title – we truly deserve it!

    Your Local Defender Bird Spike Installers

    If you’re facing bird control challenges in the Southampton, Hampshire, Dorset, or West Sussex area, Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control is here for you. Reach out to us for effective solutions to your pest bird problems – we’re always ready to assist!

    Picture of Dean McFarlane
    Dean McFarlane
    Dean is an expert pest control specialist and has been providing pest control services for over 10 years. His company Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control can deal with a wide range of pest problems and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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