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Why use a professional bird control company?

why use a professional for bird control
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    Using a professional for bird control

    Most of us do not consider birds to be pests. In fact, we happily hang out feeders and fill up bird baths in order to actively encourage them to visit our gardens. But some birds, such as pigeons and seagulls can cause just as much damage to our property as an infestation of rats, bed bugs or fleas.

    If a flock of gulls take up permanent residency or persistent pigeons keeps re-visiting your roof, you know it’s time to bring in a professional bird pest control specialist. Leaving your house or business bird for longer, we can prevent further invasions and save you money in the long-run.

    Just imagine discovering unwanted bird pests roosting on your property; invading your space, creating mess, spreading harmful diseases and causing serious damage to the structure of your building. And if you’re a business, bird pests could even ruin your reputation. Afterall who wants to sit on a chair splattered in faeces or try and talk above the commotion of squawking seagulls?

    The benefits of using professional bird control experts

    Whilst the majority of the time we can keep bird pests at bay through regular property maintenance, preventing bins from overflowing and using simple off the shelf products; none of these methods offer long term solutions.  A professional bird control company such as Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control, however, can rid you of these pesky bird pests for good.

    Often, humane deterrents such as bird- gel (used for protecting historical or listed buildings), netting, spikes or sprung wire need to be applied up high which makes them difficult to affix. A bird control expert has the correct equipment, knowledge and know-how to fit the selected bird proofing system for you.

    At Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control, we use the latest innovative technology (including drone surveys), to survey areas plagued by pest birds and use rope access methods such as abseiling to install deterrents. We can even protect the longevity of your solar panels from bird droppings and are trained to fly falcons and hawks to scare off nuisance birds.

    solar panel bird proofing
    Example of our bird prevention for solar panels.

    Bird control legislation

    All native UK birds are protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, making it illegal to kill them for any purposes whatsoever. There has recently been a number of changes to bird control laws in the UK and as of 29th April 2019, some non-native birds have been added to the list. This makes it difficult to employ bird control methods without a specific licence.

    If you find that birds are causing you a problem, then we would recommend using a pest control expert. We can advise you of the current laws and hold the correct certificates and accreditations to allow us to assess and employ the safest and effective legal bird deterrent solutions.

    Nuisance bird issues

    Nuisance birds are known to cause a variety of issues which can be stressful to owners and increase maintenance costs over time. Effective professional bird control not only saves you time and money, but if you are a business, it can ensure future continuity.

    Reasons you may need professional bird control include:

    • Birds nesting in or on your property can lead to clogged up drains and flues and encourage other pest and insect infestations.
    • Some bird species can be incredibly loud – and who really wants to be woken up by crows squawking outside your window or to the sound of seagulls reverberating off nearby buildings?
    • Droppings…everywhere! The faeces produced by birds are unsightly and can cause pavements, walkways and fire escapes to become slippery.
    • Bird droppings are incredibly acidic, and over time can disfigure stonework (particularly limestone), metalwork and historical statues and buildings.
    • Birds, especially pigeons, carry diseases such as salmonella and psittacosis which can be harmful to humans when airborne or transmitted through their droppings. On top of this, birds also carry a variety of mites, lice and other parasites.
    • Aggressive behaviour. Some birds are territorial and will attack or display intimidating behaviour such as dive bombing, if they feel threatened.

    So, don’t let nuisance birds rule the roost, take action today by calling in a professional bird control company.

    bird netting
    Our commercial bird netting in place.

    What is bird pest control?

    Depending on the problem and the type of bird pest you are dealing with, ultimately determines the techniques and deterrents used. At Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control we use bird proofing systems, based on how established the birds are within an area.

    Stretched weatherproof netting, sprung wires and anti-perch spikes offer solutions where birds are repeatedly roosting or resting on the edge of large buildings. These methods are relatively unobtrusive yet effective in discouraging birds, although they do need to be installed professionally.

    Sometimes we just need to understand bird behaviour in order to successfully move them on. At Malum, we use optical gel to trick birds into thinking that buildings are on fire. As pigeons and gulls can only see ultraviolet light this gel gives off the illusion of flames and its combination of herbal oils are abhorrent to a birds sense of taste and smell.

    Noise deterrents, such as the recording of a birds own distress call or loud bangs can also scare birds away – although they do have a habit of coming back. Visual scaring, via birds of prey, can be more effective, and we often deploy hawks and falcons to frighten pest birds from an area, as they are known predators of the sky.

    Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control

    Experts in pest control, our friendly specialists are available for you to call or contact online today. We offer bird control in Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex. For further advice on professional bird control, methods and deterrents, please contact us for an informal chat and a , no obligation quote. 

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