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    Pigeons and other pest birds live in large flocks in urban populated areas, so when you spot one swooping around your roof, chimney, eaves or trees; chances are there many more waiting to invade your home. And although the sweet sounds of birdsong can be enchanting in the morning, the large piles of bird poo they leave behind not only creates a great deal of mess but can cause significant damage to the structure of your building and be harmful to your health.

    What are bird spikes?

    Bird spikes offer a simple solution for preventing pest birds from landing and roosting on your property. Easy to install, these long plastic or stainless steel spikes extend upwards and outwards making it difficult for problem birds to perch.

    So, if you want to keep your window sills and ledges mess , take a look at our wide selection of Defender anti-bird spikes. These metal and plastic bird spikes are suitable for pigeons, seagulls and other pest birds as they can prevent them from landing and nesting around your home or commercial property without causing harm.

    To find out more about the benefits of installing bird spikes, take a look at our informative guide below.

    Why should you use bird spikes

    It’s up to businesses and residents themselves to keep birds away from their rooftops and ledges. Yet, each year, thousands of pounds are spent maintaining and fixing buildings that have been destroyed by the corrosive nature of acidic bird droppings.

    Bird spikes stop birds from perching

    Bird spikes offer a humane solution to pest birds that repeatedly roost or rest or your property, gently encouraging them to find an alternative location to land.  Rather than harming these feathery foes, these angled, blunted spikes create an uncomfortable environment, which deters them from perching.

    There are a number of advantages to using bird spikes over other types of bird deterrents such as:

    1. They are humane and harmless to nuisance birds.
    2. They are suitable for deterring birds of all sizes no matter how big or heavy they may be.
    3. They are easy to install.
    4. They can last for years thanks to the tough plastic or stainless steel material which is embedded in a UVA base. They do not require any form of maintenance, making them incredibly cost effective.
    5. They are inconspicuous so will not spoil the surrounding scenery.

    Different types of bird spikes

    Prevention is key if you own a property that is plagued by birds. Bird spikes offer an effective yet inexpensive solution to deterring pest birds from landing on heavy pressure sites such as beams, parapets, pipes, chimney pots and guttering.

    The most common types of bird spikes which can be attached to both flat and curved surfaces, are those that are made from stainless steel or plastic. Both are excellent deterrents for pest birds as they come in different lengths and widths and offer a host of different benefits.

    Stainless steel bird spikes

    Stainless steel is less visible than plastic, as when caught by the reflective beams of sunlight, the metal becomes almost invisible. And, although stainless steel isn’t waterproof, it does resist rust well, remaining strong over long periods of time. Stainless steel bird spikes also work well for protecting large surface areas, giving you more coverage for your money.

    Plastic bird spikes

    Plastic bird spikes, however, are generally less expensive and stronger than steel spikes. Made from a tough polycarbonate material, they can withstand the weight of larger or heavier birds. Plus, plastic spikes come in multiple colours, allowing you to match them so that they blend in with the aesthetics of your building.

    Installation is easy when it comes to bird spikes

    When it comes to purchasing and installing bird spikes, you do not have to be a D-I-Y expert. At Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control, we sell a variety of Defender bird spikes online to our customers that can be used to protect almost every part of your property, from the bottom to the top.

    Affixing them is extremely easy too, providing you prepare the surface area correctly, read the manufacturer’s instructions and take safety precautions when up high.

    You should take care to clear any nearby obstructions beforehand and the applicable area itself should be dry and from droppings or debris.

    Bird spikes can be positioned either straight or by following the contours of the building. It is important, however, that you make sure there are no spaces or gaps in between, for birds to perch and settle.  These anti-roosting spikes can then be glued in place using silicone or clips, depending on their location.

    How to install bird control spikes:

    Contact Malum for pest bird control advice

    If you have a tall house or a large commercial property, then Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control can affix bird spikes for you. By using the latest innovative technology (including drones), we will survey the areas plagued by pest birds beforehand and use rope access methods such as abseiling to install bird deterrents.

    At Malum we have been solving pest bird problems for commercial and domestic customers for decades. We have experience of fitting bird deterrents to buildings such as hospitals, universities, motorway flyovers, shopping centres and even around marinas, to name but a few. And, in addition to bird spikes we also offer a number of other static bird proofing solutions. These measures include bird netting, sprung wire, optical gel and acoustic and visual scaring.

    So, for further advice on professional bird control, methods and deterrents, please contact us today for an informal chat and a , no obligation quote.

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