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Wasp and Hornet Nest Removal

Wasps can be a real nuisance around your home or business and are potentially dangerous if provoked. One of the most feared and aggressive pests, wasps will attack and sting, sometimes unprovoked but usually if threatened. This is a risk and a cause for concern if you have small children or pets as, for some, wasp stings can be very dangerous. The stings may cause severe reactions, and several people die from wasp stings every year.

Wasps are large insects, 22mm long, with distinctive black and yellow stripes and a smooth stinger. It is difficult to distinguish between the different species of similar size and colour.

There are seven species of social Wasp including the Hornet, which can easily be distinguished by its larger size, orange/brown colour and the noise it creates whilst flying.

Wasps normally produce nests beneath ground but become pests when they build nests within roof voids or hedges close to people.

wasp nest removal and control Hampshire

Their life cycle starts in March/April when the fertilised queen wakes from hibernation. The queen first chews wood into pulp and builds a 10-cell nest, the size of a golf ball. In each cell she lays a sticky egg. The eggs must stick, or they will fall from the vertical cells.

Achieving control of wasps and hornets

A residual insecticidal dust will be applied directly within the nest, where possible, or to the entry hole for the workers to pick up and walk it into the nest. Method is dependant on access and risk assessment. Using this method nests are normally eradicated within 24 hours. Occasionally you may see wasps leaving the nest 4-7 days after treatment, this is the larvae that have pupated into adult Wasps leaving the nest and completely normal.

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