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SEAGULL control and deterrents

Seagull Control and Deterrents

Gulls are generally, but not exclusively, coastal birds. There are at least five common around the UK. Gulls are pests within coastal towns. However, Herring Gull and Lesser Black Backed Gulls over the last century have spread inland and are now resident within cities such as Birmingham and the Severn estuary where they have actively sought to steal food from humans. Due to their size they can cause a lot of fear.
The most common pest Gull seen is the Herring Gull. In their natural environment disputes between territory holders normally pull up grass to displace others. However, grass is usually absent upon roofs hence they pull anything else, causing physical damage to items such as air conditioning insulation and even roof felt or lead flashing.
seagull pest control
Gulls are fairly noisy during courtship, and at their noisiest, messiest and most aggressive during the chick rearing phase.
The Herring Gull will lay a single clutch of three eggs in a season, but if eggs are lost they will lay more. Eggs are laid around April. Birds in their first year are speckled brown and several years pass before full adult plumage is attained. Because of their large size and lack of predators Herring Gulls can live for up to thirty years.
The increase in Herring Gull populations is thought to be linked to the increase in landfill sites. Many thousands of Gulls can be found feeding off rubbish here.

Achieving control of Seagulls

Seagull problems can be solved in a number of ways, depending upon the property.

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