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Rat Removal and Control

Once rats inhabit your house, business or city, they are a destructive force to be reckoned with and left to their own scampering devices, can cause significant damage to your property and surrounding wildlife. Rats arrived in the UK from Asia in the 1800’s and later from Europe via shipping passages. Since then, they have taken over our streets, sewers and homes, happily feasting on our leftover waste.

We control rats across Hampshire, Dorset & West Sussex

Here at Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control, we will not only help you to eradicate rats, but we can ensure that your property remains rat for good. By using industry leading treatments that can detect rats, we will put a three-part plan in place designed to effectively remove and take care of your rat problem, with minimum disruption and stress.

Signs of a rat infestation

So, if you have heard scratching noises coming from inside your walls, loft or basement, seen small brown droppings on the floor, smelt unwelcome odours or noticed smudge and smear marks along work surfaces; then these could be signs that you may have a rat infestation. No one wants to share their property with rats, and the easiest solution for getting rid of these unwanted house guests is to contact us.

Reliable rat treatment plans

We can:

Remove rats from your property with Malum – from £195

We offer a guaranteed rat eradication three-part treatment plan from just £195. This service includes 3 visits before, during and after treatment. Please note that prices may vary depending on the location and severity of the infestation.

We offer a 3 visit eradication service from £195 over a period of 2 weeks. A total of 3 visits comprising of initial survey and either bait or trap treatment. Followed by a monitoring inspection visit and treatment review. This is followed by a check to verify the success of the treatment and removal of any equipment and baits.

Full treatment consists of 1 major visit + 2 follow-ups in a 2 week period.
The cost of our treatment is £195 + VAT for a 3-part treatment, which is usually sufficient.
Price per visit is £65 + VAT.

Why it's important to control rats

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At Malum we pride ourselves at providing the very best integrated pest management approach. We look at every challenge from outside the box to give you the very best immediate and long term solution. Through experience we can provide a guaranteed* and professional service.

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