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pigeon control and deterrents

Pigeon Control and Deterrents

Feral Pigeons are the descendants of Rock Doves, which are found in Europe, Asia and Africa. Rock Doves nest on the narrow ledges that are found on the sides of cliffs and rocks. The Feral Pigeon has adapted to nesting on the narrow ledges found on the sides of buildings, for example.
Feral Pigeons are well adapted to man made situations and are found in most cities and towns. They have become extremely successful because they find ledges to nest on from where they can have regular access to food provided by humans.
Pigeons are able to breed throughout the year with a general peak during spring and summer. Feral Pigeons have a long-life span and can live up to fifteen years. Some caged birds have lived for thirty years.
pigeon pest control

Achieving control of pigeons

Pigeon problems can be solved in a number of ways, depending upon the property.

Pigeons cause the following problems:

  • Damage to a company’s reputation and image – The presence of pest birds and fouling creates a poor impression.
  • Accidents – Droppings are slippery, particually when wet. Pavements and fire escape routes can become treacherous.
  • Prosecution – Under the Food Safety Act 1990 which carries a maximum fine of £20,000 for each offence.
  • Disease – Feral Pigeons carry Salmonella. They also transmit Histoplasmosis, Ornithosis and can cause Pigeons fancier lung in susceptible individuals. Pigeons carry more diseases than are carried by Rats.
  • Parasite Infections – Virtually all urban birds nests contain fleas, ticks and mites, all of which bite humans and often enter buildings. Bird mites in particular can swarm into buildings causing distress to its inhabitants.
  • Water damage – Downpipes and parapet gutters can become blocked with dead birds, nesting materials and droppings. Resulting in sudden flooding or water seepage over long periods.
  • Increased Maintenance Costs – Pigeon droppings create an acidic environment which attacks certain types of stonework and requires continual repair and cleaning. 

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