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Removing and controlling Mice

Mice Removal and Control

The presence of mice in your home or business can be very distressing. Sharing your home or place of work with mice is unhygienic, unappealing, and unsavoury considering their habits and behaviours, and the fact that they cannot hold their bladders and urinate frequently while walking along surfaces.

To identify a mouse problem, you should look out for:

mouse pest control

Mice have been known to spread some nasty diseases to humans, such as salmonella and listeria, which can cause food poisoning. These nibbling nuisances have a compulsive need to gnaw in order to keep their incisor teeth worn down to a constant length. Electric cables, water and gas pipes, packaging, and woodwork may all be seriously damaged by mice, and many instances of electrical fires and floods have been attributed to them.

Mice can also ruin an organisation’s reputation. If clients and customers spot evidence of rodent infestation in the premises you manage, they are unlikely to want to do business with you.

Achieving control of mice

A full site survey is imperative to control rodents. We offer , no-obligation site surveys to every customer. After this survey we will immediately talk you through why they are present and what we can do to eradicate the problem. During the survey we will confirm species present, how heavy the infestation is, where they are active, why this has occurred and if there are any risks to non-target species.

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