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Cockroach control and treatment

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches have existed on earth for 350 million years, which is ten times longer than man. In this time a small number of cockroach species have become perfectly adapted to living with man. They can be found all over the world and despite serious effort by man to eliminate them they continue to be successful.

Cockroaches become a problem when they infest our buildings and feed on our food. The simple thought of Cockroaches can repulse many people. Cockroaches pose a serious threat to health.

They are omnivorous, feeding on a huge range of food including cereals, meats, sugar, cheese, beer, insects, hair, bird droppings, book bindings, wallpaper and human faeces.

Although around 4000 species of Cockroach are known to man, only about a dozen are considered pests. The Oriental Cockroach and German Cockroach are the two most common in the UK.
Infestations of American Cockroach and Australian Cockroach are also found in the UK from time to time.

Achieving Control of Cockroaches

When called to a premises for reported Cockroaches an in depth survey will initially be required to determine level of infestation.

Live or dead Cockroaches and/or Nymphal skins;

It can be difficult to find evidence of live Cockroaches as they are nocturnal. We would inspect all cracks and crevices whilst using a flushing agent. Inspection will be inquisitive and involve moving of boxes, furniture and white goods for example. Conducting a night inspection is another option for areas that cannot be monitored due to being a public place etc.
If the species is suspected Oriental Cockroach then the exterior of buildings should also be inspected as these can survive outside in the UK whilst harbouring in leaf litter of outside ducting etc.

Smell & Smear Marks;

Theses will only be apparent when there is a large infestation.


A Cockroach will produce both hard and soft faeces depending on diet. The large droppings can be the same size as a Mouse dropping. Droppings will be dark in colour and have a ridge down the length.


The oothecae can be found in a variety of places depending on the species. The oothecae of an Oriental Cockroach can be found anywhere. The oothecae of the German Cockroach will be carried by the female until ready to emerge.
There are many effective options in regards to treatment and eradication of Cockroaches. Treatment will differ dependant on species and outcome of site survey.

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