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Removing Bees and Bee Nests

There are three species of Bee that most commonly come into contact with man. The Honey Bee, The Mason Bee and The Bumble Bee.

Honey Bee Removal

Swarms of Honey Bees are spectacular and cause concern to many people. If a swarm is easily accessible it is best to call a local bee keeper, search British Bee Keepers Association. It’s also worth noting that most swarms will move on by themselves within 48 hours, but usually within just a few hours.

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If a swarm has become permanently established and there is actual or perceived threat to public safety then there are actions we can take. The nest can be physically removed and relocated or in very rare cases we are able to eradicate the nest providing strict guidelines are adhered to.

Bumble Bee Removal

The Bumble Bee is similar to the wasp in that they form annual colonies, with only mated queens surviving the winter. Nests are usually made within ground and contain only a few hundred individuals at most.

Due to the bumble bee decline in numbers in the UK it is suggested that treatment is avoided whenever possible. The hazard of not treating the nest must outweigh those of treatment. Bumble Bees tend to move on within three months or so and don’t usually present any hazard. 

Physical Removal & Relocation of Bumble Bees

Much like the Honey Bees, Bumble Bee colonies can be within hard to reach areas. We can however provide a solution to remove Bumble Bees and relocate, project managing from start to finish in case of any repair work required.

The Bumble Bees will be lifted from their nesting site, along with the queen, and put to settle within a suitable container. The Bumble Bees will then be taken to a suitable area to be released, unharmed, safe and content within the countryside.

Mason Bee Removal

The Mason Bee is unlike the Bumble and Honey Bee because it is a solitary species, it does not live in social colonies. There are many different species of solitary Bee and Wasp and most of them do not cause problems for people, because they do not gather in large colonies or swarms.
mason bee nest removal
However, the Mason Bee occasionally comes into contact with man because of its habit of excavating its nest in soft mortar of buildings. The Bee then creates cells to lay its eggs in by taking mud and sand into the small tunnel it has created.

Achieving Control and Removal of Bees

In most cases we would look to put barriers in place or physically remove the nests of Honey Bee and Bumble Bee. In very rare cases we may decide that the risk of control is less than the risk to public safety. However, we would always look to use non-lethal methods when possible.
Mason Bees can be controlled using a residual insecticidal surface spray or dust.

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