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Bed Bugs were originally parasites of Bats but gradually became adapted to feeding on human hosts. It has even been suggested that this happened when primitive man shared his caves with colonies of Bat. Mentions of Bed Bug problems can be found in both Greek and Roman history and so it is clear that the insect has been a pest of man for a long time.

Most Bed Bugs are spread by passive means. They often find their way into people’s luggage or even clothing. They are then carried to new buildings where they can emerge and start searching for food and harbourage. Second hand furniture can also spread Bed Bugs. 

Alternatively, Bed Bugs are capable of active dispersion, although they usually only spread from room to room within a single building.

Bed Bug Treatment

Affected areas must be thoroughly vacuumed and all likely areas of harbourage steamed to eradicate any eggs that the insecticide will not penetrate. A typical household steamer will rarely be effective to eradicate eggs as they typically produce the wrong type of steam.

Areas will be treated with a residual insecticide containing an Insect Growth Regulator. Insecticidal or desiccant dust will also be utilised where required.

Bed Bugs are fairly sedentary insects and will not tend to move except when feeding and so often avoid coming into contact with a lethal dose of insecticide. Treatments are therefore extremely and obsessively through.

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