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Whether you are facing moles digging up parts of your garden or rats contaminating your kitchen, call the experts. At Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control, we deliver effective and meticulous solutions in domestic and commercial properties. Our pest management and control services are tailored to meet your needs and achieve the best results for you.

Malum Rat Control Hampshire


Expert rat and rodent control

There are two species of Rat that are considered pests in Britain, the Brown Rat and the Black Rat. These are known as commensal rodents, which means they depend on man for food and shelter.

Brown Rats prefer a cereal diet and consume around thirty grams of food per day, they also need around sixty millilitres of water per day. Brown Rat are usually ground living and burrowing but often climbs. They are also the only species to occur within sewers. Their range of movement can be limited within buildings but may be much further spread outdoors.

Black Rats prefer a moist fruit diet and consume around fifteen grams of food per day, they will require around 15 millilitres of water per day. This species frequently climbs, are agile and rarely burrow.

The gestation period of Brown Rat is about three weeks with an average litter size of seven to eight. A Brown Rat can have three to six litters per year with only ten weeks from birth to sexual maturity. The maximum reproductive potential from one pair of Brown Rat is two hundred per year.

The gestation period of Black Rat is about three weeks with an average litter size of five to ten. A Black Rat can have three to six litters per year with only twelve weeks from birth to sexual maturity. The maximum reproductive potential from one pair of Black Rat is two hundred per year.

mouse pest control


Clearing mice from your property
There is one species of Mouse that are considered a pest in Britain, the House Mouse. This species is known as a commensal rodent, which means they depend on man for food and shelter.

Two other species of Mouse that we also encounter are the Wood Mouse and the Yellow Necked Field Mouse. They are easily identified from House Mice as they have larger feet and tend to have a more yellowish coloration in their coat. These species occasionally enter buildings but are not considered serious pests of man.

House Mice prefer a cereal based diet and consume around three grams of food per day. House Mice can survive without a direct water source, within the right conditions, as they can achieve their daily water intake via the food they are eating. The range of movement by House Mice can be very limited, usually only ten meters from their harbourage area.

The gestation period of House Mice is about three weeks with an average litter size of four to sixteen. A House Mouse can have seven or eight litters per year with only eight weeks from birth to sexual maturity. The maximum reproductive potential from one pair of House Mice is two thousand per year.
pest control for ants


Often a problem in the summer
The Black Garden Ant is common throughout the UK and normally comes into contact with humans when they are searching for food within buildings. The food is collected and taken back to the nest where it is fed in liquid form to the queen and larvae. If a food source is found, they will leave a scent trail so that their fellow workers can find it. Nests are usually found under paving slabs, within cavity walls or at the base of aphid-rich plants.

An average nest contains fifteen to twenty thousand individuals. The eggs are small and are only laid by the queen. They hatch in three to four weeks following a regime of licking and turning by the workers.

The winged and sexually active males and females emerge en masse when climatic conditions are suitable, usually late afternoon or early evening in the summer. They mate in the air, with the males dying shortly afterwards. The female (fertilised queen) breaks off her wings and seeks a suitable area to begin a new nest.
pest control cockroaches


Fumigation and eradication
Cockroaches have existed on earth for 350 million years, which is ten times longer than man. In this time a small number of cockroach species have become perfectly adapted to living with man. They can be found all over the world and despite serious effort by man to eliminate them they continue to be successful.

Cockroaches become a problem when they infest our buildings and feed on our food. The simple thought of Cockroaches can repulse many people. Cockroaches pose a serious threat to health. They are omnivorous, feeding on a huge range of food including cereals, meats, sugar, cheese, beer, insects, hair, bird droppings, book bindings, wallpaper and human faeces.

Although around 4000 species of Cockroach are known to man, only about a dozen are considered pests. The Oriental Cockroach and German Cockroach are the two most common in the UK.

Infestations of American Cockroach and Australian Cockroach are also found in the UK from time to time.
pest control prices for fleas


Fleas can be a common household problem

The most common species of flea is the cat flea, known for readily biting humans. The bird flea is next in importance. Adult fleas average 2mm in size and are wingless insects with flattened and red-brown bodies and backwardly directed spines and legs designed for jumping. All adult fleas are parasitic on warm-blooded animals. The females lay their eggs after feeding on the infested animal.

Female fleas can live up to two years, during which time they can lay up to 1000 eggs. The eggs drop onto the floor and the animal’s bedding. Mainly active in communal rooms where pets sleep and where there is most activity, fleas are generally found to be living on pets and in carpets, pet bedding, and upholstered furniture.

pest control for flies


Fumigation and eradication

The key to effective control is understanding what species of fly is causing the problem and, whenever possible, to treat the source of the insects. Cluster flies enter buildings in the autumn to hibernate, and these insects can accumulate in large numbers.

Cluster flies leave the premises in March/April and may become more active at times of warmer weather. Malum is on hand to provide you with an immediate and ongoing solution, which is important as cluster flies often return year after year. We offer discounts on cluster fly treatments for existing customers.

pest control for wasps


Wasps and their nests can be a real nuisance

Wasps can be a real nuisance around your home or business and are potentially dangerous if provoked.

One of the most feared and aggressive pests, wasps will attack and sting, sometimes unprovoked but usually if threatened. This is a risk and a cause for concern if you have small children or pets as, for some, wasp stings can be very dangerous. The stings may cause severe reactions, and several people die from wasp stings every year.


Careful control of this important insect

There are several different types of bee in the UK, all of which may require different treatment methods. They include:

  • Bumblebees
  • Tree Bees
  • Solitary and Masonry
  • Bees
  • Honey Bees

We understand that sometimes bees may cause a health hazard. However, they are endangered, so we would always recommend exploring all other avenues before considering eradication. Contact us today for further advice.


Controlling pigeons and seagulls

Whether they are nesting in your roof space or causing problems for guests sitting outside your restaurant, birds can be a nuisance.

At Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control, we are bird control specialists. Through our vast experience, we understand that there is rarely only one solution for dealing with bird pests.

We work closely with you to implement the right bird proofing methods and get the best results for your home or business.

bed bug control


Bed bugs occur with frightening regularity

This common pest is prevalent due to a number of reasons, including increased travel, the use of second-hand furniture, and suspected tolerance to some pesticides. These bugs still occur with regularity, particularly in multi-occupancy buildings with rapid resident turnover, for example, hostels, hotels, holiday camps, and blocks of flats.

By providing immediate and ongoing solutions, Malum will deal with the current infestation and strive to prevent a further problem down the line. Alongside our treatments, we also provide pest awareness training to individuals and members of staff, improving their knowledge of what to look for and best practice procedures.

grey squirrel pest control


Squirrels can cause large amounts of damage
Deliberately introduced to this country sometime in the 19th century, the grey squirrel has since spread throughout most of mainland England and Wales. Mainly a resident of broadleaved and mixed woodlands, they are also a common resident of urban parks and gardens. However, they frequently enter domestic roof spaces. Once inside, they chew woodwork, strip insulation from electrical wiring and water pipes, tear up fibreglass insulation, and, occasionally, drown in water tanks. Our experienced team deliver immediate and ongoing solutions, looking at the treatment of the current infestation and working to prevent reoccurrences.

Ridding your home of unwelcome pests

Pests have the potential to contaminate homes, spread disease, and damage products, foodstuffs, and property, which can result in fires and, in extreme circumstances, even death. When you discover that you have a pest problem, it is essential you take action to deal with it. At Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control, in Hampshire, we work closely with homeowners to rid their property of pests. Rodent and insect control are the two most common measures we take in homes.

A solution to your pest problem

Even the cleanest homes or business premises can be host to unwelcome visitors, but trying to get rid of them yourself can be costly and dangerous. To prevent the spread of disease and to protect your property, you’ll usually need to call in the pest control experts. Malum will provide you with a fast response and immediate and ongoing control of pests, whether you are dealing with bed bugs, wasps, mice, rats, or any other creature. Our team will assess your infestation and provide a tailored solution that is accompanied by a guarantee. For advice and a site inspection, call us today.

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