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Next Door Neighbours Pigeons Are a Nuisance – What Can I Do?

Next Door Neighbours Pigeons Are a Nuisance - What Can I Do?
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    Pigeons and other nuisance birds can actually cause problems for many of the homes and businesses that sit next to their nesting site. If you ever lived in a rented apartment or flat, you likely already know how pests can infest and roam to surrounding units. The same principle is seen with nuisance pigeons. If your next-door neighbour’s nuisance pigeons are also causing problems for your property, is there anything you can do about it?

    If nuisance pigeons on your property are caused by a neighbour’s pigeon infestation, you can and should reach out to your neighbour to address the problem. There are specialised bird removal services that can eradicate the problem. You can also reach out to your council about the issue.

    In this post, we are going to take a closer look at this problem and address the different issues that can arise from neighbouring nuisance pigeons. A neighbour’s pigeon problem should not automatically also be your problem as well, and we will also address some of the common questions or concerns you may have about this issue. Read on to find out more and to find out how we here at Malum can help eliminate this problem.

    What to do about your neighbours pigeons nuisance

    Pigeons and other nuisance birds can cause noise pollution, property damage, insect infestations, and in more extreme and prolonged infestations, even health problems to home and business owners.

    Pigeon droppings stain surfaces and attract insects, spread germs and pathogens, and depreciate the aesthetic value of homes and properties. The list of problems goes on and on.

    What makes this problem even more difficult is if nuisance birds are actually caused by a neighbour who either isn’t aware of the problem or is slow or unwilling to address it.

    With nuisance nesting birds you have to control the issue, and seeking advice on how to approach this is the first step.

    You cannot force a neighbour to do anything, but you can most certainly report the neighbour to your local council. But this can cause unwanted drama and issues, and it is certainly admirable to first open a dialogue with your neighbour.

    There are many suggestions you can offer. Installing bird spikes or deterrents on the roof, covering the roof in bird tape, usage of optical gels on the roof, and the installation of wire mesh around nesting spots on the roof can all be effective at reducing or eliminating pigeons.

    But by far the best method is to suggest your neighbour hire a bird removal specialist, which is one of the defining services of our company.

    Of course, it is all dependant on your neighbour’s desire to also address the problem, and it could very well be that they do not want to do this. In this last-ditch option, contact your council and fully describe the issue to them and offer to provide proof of the damage, noise, and most importantly, structural damage caused by the birds.

    It may help to get photographic evidence of the pigeons flying to your land from your neighbour’s property.

    Can I stop my neighbours from feeding nuisance birds?

    Feeding nuisance birds is like applying petrol to a blazing fire; this will make the birds feel even more comfortable and at home in their behaviour.

    If your neighbour is throwing the food in your garden or the pigeons are also spreading the food and mess to your land or surrounding buildings, immediately address this with your neighbour or collect photographic evidence to show your council if they refuse to stop feeding the birds.

    There is nothing that you can directly do to stop the feeding of the pigeons except having a discussion with the neighbour or consider contacting your landlord or their landlord if you know or share the same tenancy manager.

    Pigeons under neighbours solar panels causing problems – what can I do?

    Solar panels have become a favourite roosting site for pigeons and other pest birds. The cavities underneath the panels provide safety from the elements and predators and allow pigeons to feel protected and to live comfortably under a covered structure.

    For this issue, Solar panel pigeon proofing is far and away the best method to consider for removing pest pigeons from underneath solar panels. The price of the procedure varies depending on a survey of the structure of the roof, the severity of the infestation, and the number of solar panels.

    At Malum, we will consult with you first and your neighbour if they are willing on the best way to pigeon-proof their solar panels. This way we can agree on access and arrange any specialist equipment in advance.

    Once onsite, we will remove and control any pigeons in the area and clean the area so that it is from debris and potential parasites. This is the best procedure to suggest to your neighbour and we are more than willing to visit the area and assess how serious the roosting site is.

    How do I get rid of pigeons from my neighbours garden and roof?

    You can suggest to your neighbour a wide variety of different methods that can possibly solve the issue. A process called bird netting can be installed over a roof or garden and may be the only technique that can be guaranteed against determined birds. Bird nets with different size holes are also available for a number of different species.

    This procedure can be dangerous when performed on a roof and may not immediately address the specific problem, therefore, it can’t be guaranteed to eliminate the issue.

    There are also some visual deterrents that your neighbour could put on their roof or garden to scare the birds. These are actually good methods to consider for your home as well to try and keep the birds away. These visual props are usually shaped like birds of prey or even mimic humans or even large animals.

    Birds are highly visual and deterrents do work but not all the time. Additionally, someone will need to frequently check on the deterrents to make sure the items are still in place.

    The placement of optical gels around the home or garden could also be very effective.

    Optical Gel appears to birds as fire and thus deters birds from landing when applied near a landing or roosting spot in a garden or on a roof. This works by altering the bird’s behaviour and not acting as a barrier.

    Left undisturbed optical gel can be effective for up to three years before replacement is required. Optical Gel is ideal where housing aesthetics is a concern and can be used at any range of bird pressure sites.

    In the grand scheme of things, you really can only offer these suggestions, but in all honesty, it can’t hurt to try these on your home as well.

    What can the council do to stop the problems caused by birds and pigeons feeding by a neighbour?

    Contacting your council would be best if a neighbour is unresponsive to the issue. A representative will follow the law concerning tenancy in your area and can even compel the neighbour to address the issue coming from their house.

    For example, if feeding is causing the issue, the Council can order a tenant to stop feeding problematic birds. If the birds are damaging your house, the Council will respond to this matter quite quickly. The Council will seek to keep peace and order in the town or community, therefore, you can be assured they will work to find a solution to the issue.

    This can be problematic in terms of neighbourly relations, years of friendship or cordiality could be broken, but if your neighbour is not willing to be responsible to handle the issue, by all means, contact your Council.

    Contact Malum for bird control

    Involving the council can permanently damage cordial neighbour relations, which is why Malum would like to help mediate in any way that we can. Our bird control services are designed to stop pigeons and other pest birds from roosting and settling on properties and to prevent this behaviour in the future.

    Thanks to our team of experts and the use of state-of-the-art technology, we are able to access hard-to-reach roofs and can address all hiding spots in buildings and even inaccessible hiding spots in buildings. If you are looking for someone, anyone to help you address this problem, we are on-hand to do just that.

    Have your neighbour contact us today on our website for a quote or give us a call at 0800 228 9238. Your neighbour can also reach us by email at We understand that this issue can bring with it many different complications, and we will do all we can to explain the issues at hand if your neighbour is willing to seek help for the pest birds that shouldn’t have to be your problem as well.


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