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How to keep rats away this winter

how to keep rats away from your home in winter
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    Autumn and winter are regarded as the most magical seasons of the year. The trees shimmer with golden shades; the sun shines low in the bright blue sky; freshly lit fires roar and the sweet smells of hot chocolate and cinnamon fill our homes, as we snuggle up all cosy indoors. But it is not just us looking for a place to escape the cold, as the mercury on the thermometer starts to plunge, rats scamper about seeking out their winter retreats.

    How to keep rats away from your home in winter

    As temperatures drop, rats seek shelter, food and drink within our homes. Whilst regular house maintenance can keep rats away this winter, if you find yourself overrun with rodents, then it may be time to call in the Hampshire pest control experts such as Malum Pest & Bird Control.

    Unlike some animals that simple hibernate when temperatures dip, rats need to maintain a warm body heat in order to survive. And, by finding warmer places to rest with a steady supply of food and water, large colonies of rats can thrive in winter by taking refuge in our homes!

    Rats not only causing chaos and damage, but they carry disease and breed at an alarming rate. At Malum Pest Control, we will not only locate the source of your rat infestation, but we ensure that it is dealt with effectively whilst preventing rats from returning.

    What attracts rats into our homes in winter

    In the words of Jon Snow “Winter is coming” and we can all feel it in the air. Unfortunately, so do our ratty foes even though they are covered in fur.

    During autumn and winter, we don’t tend to pay as much attention to the outside maintenance of our homes, and blocked gutters, cracked pipes, overhanging branches and loose tiles can provide rats with easy entry points into our properties.

    Rats hate the cold and upon feeling the heat that escapes from our windows, doors and cracks combined with the tempting smells of hearty cooked food, start to crave a cosier life.

    rat in house drain pipe
    Rats can enter your house via small holes and gaps around drain pipes.

    How do they get into your house?

    It doesn’t take much for one rat to wriggle its way into your property. A missing roof tile, an open air vent, gaps around pipe work or a broken drain simply act as open doors for these sneaky rodents. And once one rats gets in, many more will follow.

    In the warmer months of the year, rats tend to take opportune moments to come and go as they please, happy to bask outdoors in more balmier temperatures. But when winter looms and they step into your home, just like an annoying auntie, they are often there to stay.

    Therefore, in order to ensure your property remains rat this winter, it is vital that you keep on top of your property maintenance. Make sure that your bins don’t blow over in the wind, rake up any loose leaves, fix any leaking outdoor faucets and plug any holes or cracks in order to deter rats from entering. By doing this you will not only deter rats from entering your home, but you will stop heat from escaping – saving you money in the long run.

    You should also ensure that bin bags are securely tied and placed in proper rubbish bins as this will not only stop rats from foraging for food but prevents unwanted smells from seeping out. And, looking after your gardens and pruning your plants not only disrupts rats from making a nest but ensures that your property looks ship shape too.

    How do rats get into your house walls?

    Just like Houdini, rats can escape through the tiniest of holes. And although they can’t climb smooth surfaces, they can scale drainpipes, trees, cables and other objects which will allow them to get into the walls of your home.

    This means that if there are any unsealed nooks or crannies around your home, they’ll likely to find a way in. If rats find their way into your home via your walls, then they can cause extensive damage to your property through gnawing on cables and spreading disease through defecating.

    How to tell how many rats are in your house?

    It can be difficult to tell if you have a rat infestation, unless you see one for yourself scampering across the kitchen floor.

    But, if holes start to appear in food bags overnight, or you spot crumbs scattered on the ground then chances are you have some uninvited visitors.

    Rats tend to run the same routes over and over again so you might spot smears along your walls or dropping by your skirting boards, if you dare to look closely enough.

    If, however, you already hear the sounds of scrapping and scurrying emanating from your walls, under the floorboards or from your loft, then it is time to take more drastic action.

    What to do about rats in your house

    Prevention is always better than cure and at the end of each summer whilst the weather is still warm, you should do some house maintenance to ensure you stay rat through the winter months. The earlier you can pest-proof your home, the fewer rats you’ll find attempting to use it for their winter escape.

    Although there are hundreds of D-I-Y solutions currently on the market that claim to repel or get rid of rats, if you spot them running around your property, the best way to ensure that you remain rat for good is to contact a professional pest control expert such as Malum.

    Why choose Malum Pest Control

    At Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control, we use industry leading treatments to detect rats, and have a guaranteed three-part plan designed to effectively remove and take care of your rat problem, with minimum disruption and stress.

    Having inspected your property to identify the source and extent of your rat infestation we will lay rodenticides and traps. Returning to reset, replenish and dispose of any dead rodents from your property regularly, by our third and final visit once all rats have been eradicated, we will talk you through our recommendations to reduce the risk of future infestations.

    At Malum we take pride in using the latest high-tech equipment, within a controlled and safe environment in order to give you total peace of mind. So, for further information or advice on professional rat control, methods and deterrents, please contact us for an informal chat and a , no obligation quote.

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