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How Much Does it Cost to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels UK?

how much does it cost to pigeon proof solar panels
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    Pigeons can be a nuisance bird for home and business owners throughout Britain. The roof is the primary nuisance spot for the birds, and even solar panels are becoming popular nesting sites for pigeons. Many problems can arise with pigeons and solar panels, including the spreading of guano and vegetation all over the panels and even fire concerns arising from nesting catching ablaze.

    Pigeon proofing is essential but how much does it cost for pigeon proofing solar panels?

    The cost of pigeon-proofing your solar panels will depend completely on the type of roof and brand of solar panels. Each and every solar panel fitting will be different based on a wide variety of factors, as well as any additional needs concerning the reaching of the roof via ladder or the need for erecting scaffolding.

    Solar panel bird proofing can help to prolong the long-term effectiveness of your solar panels. There are many details that come along with explaining this necessity and the overall cost is one concern. In this article, we will tell you all there is to know about the cost of solar panel pigeon proofing. We will also look at some ways to prevent pigeons from landing on panels. Read on to find out more.

    Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

    Pigeon proofing your solar panels is an essential procedure to help ensure the longevity of your panels. Pigeons are a type of bird that lives by habit, which means they like to return to the same nesting spots year after year.

    When it comes to solar panels, the birds are attracted to the shine of the exterior of the panels, and once the birds inspect the panels and see that underneath offers protection for pigeon nesting spaces, the birds set up dwelling spots.

    As the dark solar panels attract light, they absorb plenty of heat, providing a comfortable place for pigeons to bed down and roost. Large in structure, these panels also provide pest birds with protection from the wind and rain, and due to the heights, they are safely positioned out of sight from most predators.

    Apart from the mess that pigeons can make on panels by dropping their guano, scratching the panels, and spreading toxins and germs, nesting underneath solar panels can be a major concern due to the fires that can ignite when the sun’s rays continuously reflect off the panel and onto flammable debris like nesting material.

    A solar panel catching fire can destroy the panel and potentially set your entire home or business on fire.

    The more efficient your solar panels, the more energy you are able to sell back to the grid. However, if you have pigeons nesting underneath, the performance of your panels is likely to be hindered.

    Not only is pigeon debris corrosive in nature but their droppings, when splattered across your solar panels, can prevent light from emanating through. This will drastically reduce the output efficiency of a panel and this is all due to the nuisances caused by nesting pigeons.

    If pigeon guano and nesting materials collect under your solar panels, they can even start to eat away at your roof tiles and electrical wiring. You may be completely unaware that you have a collection of rainwater sitting stagnant on your roof, until it forces its way through the tiles themselves, causing untold damage to your ceilings and electricity outputs.

    Such are some of the drastic consequences of wild pigeons allowed to live ly on roofs.

    This is where pigeon proofing of the solar panels becomes necessary, and the associated cost of this procedure is varied and dependant on a few different factors. Let’s take an in-depth look at where the various price points fit into the process.

    Cost Variations: Scaffolding

    Pigeon proofing solar panels can be dangerous and this is primarily found with how a team will need to access your roof. If your solar panels can be reached easily with just a ladder, you typically will only have to consider the overall cost to pigeon-proof the panels. But if not, the erection of scaffolding will likely be needed.

    The erecting of scaffolding can fluctuate wildly depending on the steepness of the roof, the overall height to reach the roof, and the roof’s general structure. A great aspect of our service to pigeon-proof solar panels is that we will extensively compare prices for you and offer you the best deal we can find for any scaffolding that may be needed.

    Cost Variations: Solar Panel Repairs Resulting From Damage

    Once pigeons begin nesting under solar panels, the damage they cause can accelerate quickly. Pigeon guano can affect the working capacity of the solar panels in addition to roof tiles. As mentioned, a pigeon’s nest can cause fires, and even bird mites can infest the panels to be near nesting birds.

    Once solar panels are damaged, the units will need to be prepared and not all warranties will cover something like pigeon damage. Pigeon-proof solar panels can help to prevent this damage and completely keep birds from the ability to gain access to the underside of the panels.

    How to Keep Pigeons Away From a Solar Panel

    Perhaps the most important step to take to keep pigeons away from solar panels is to regularly clean and maintain the panels. The less-maintained the solar panels are, the more attractive the structures will be to pigeons.

    With birds nesting under the solar panels, this can inevitably lead to chewed or misplaced wires, reduced working capacity, and complete malfunction of the solar panel due to obstruction.

    The installation of steel mesh around solar panels is a great idea to prevent these problems, but this is a delicate and intensive process that is best performed by a pest control company offering bird proofing services with a specific emphasis on bird proofing solar panels.

    How Does Pigeon Proofing of Solar Panels Work?

    A proofing service typically begins with a complete disinfecting of the entire site. For pigeons nesting under solar panels, all nesting debris and pigeons will need to be removed before the installation process can begin. We include this service as part of our solar panel bird proofing service.

    Technicians will then do thorough measurements of all installed solar panels to judge how much material and how many people will be needed to perform the installation.

    With our solar panel proofing service here at Malum, a full risk assessment is carried out as standard to see how best to access your roof and in certain circumstances, to see what specialist equipment (such as scaffolding or cherry pickers), may be required.

    Steel wire mesh is the best material to use to keep pigeons from underneath solar panels, and this is rationed out according to measurements, applied to gauge how much excess needs to be removed from the top, and then placed firmly yet safely onto the panel and the roof with cherry pickers/scaffold.

    We’ll recommend the best bird proofing method, material and the most cost effective solution for each individual project.

    Will Bird Proofing Affect My Warranty?

    Solar panels almost always come with a warranty; however, any alterations or services performed on the panels outside of what is approved by the manufacturer can easily void this warranty.

    In many cases, this includes pigeon proofing of the panels that are performed with careless mistakes and attachments or drilling into the panels that immediately make the warranty null and void. In some careless instances, misguided bird proofing can even cause damage to the panels if the installer has no idea about what they are doing.

    We always use non penetrative bird proofing methods  – we never drill into solar panels because this voids any warranty.

    This is why it is crucial to use a bird proofing service provider that is trained and skilled at performing this service on sensitive solar panels. At Malum, our installers are specifically trained in how to securely attach and alter bird-proofing materials to avoid causing obstructions or alterations to solar panels.

    We will even thoroughly clean the panels and the underside of the panels that will also help keep you in compliance with the requirements outlined in a warranty.

    Never attempt to perform this dangerous and intensive task on your own since there are also concerns involving the germs and toxins released from pigeon waste and nesting materials.

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    Pigeon proofing your solar panels is an essential investment to keep the panels in top shape, and we can help in every step of the process. All of the bird control materials that we use are stainless steel and come with a 5-year guarantee. We offer this specialist service to residential customers as well as those within the commercial sector.

    If you have noticed pigeons nesting or perching on your panels, frolicking on your fence, or running around on your rooftop, you may want to consider some bird control solutions before the situation gets out of hand.

    If you are interested in our solar panel pigeon proofing, then please contact us for , no-obligation, consultation, and a quote today.

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