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At Malum we pride ourselves on a fully integrated service. From pest control to house clearances, we can sanitise and disinfect your property, leaving it of rubbish, waste and pests including (but not limited to) rats, mice, squirrels, bed bugs, fly’s and birds.

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If you’ve had problems with tenants, hoarders and general pests at a property in Portsmouth talk to us. We are fully insured and an established, professional business, providing all manner of pest control, rubbish and household clearances. We can provide you with a fast and quote, often able to visit your site the same day to provide a survey and estimate. Malum has received excellent customer reviews on Checkatrade for the Portsmouth area.

Pest Removal and Control Portsmouth

Removing rubbish from your property can only be one part of the problem. Large amounts of waste attract unwanted pests. Rodents such as rats and mice leave their droppings and urine everywhere they go, contaminating surfaces and spreading disease. Birds also create mess and are health risk. Malum are experts in all forms of bird control and can install netting and wire to prevent them from nesting or accessing your property.

Sanitise, Disinfect and Odour Neutralise

Regardless of the type of house clearance that we are working on, we always try to follow the same process. We will leave you with an area which is not only of waste but also clear of any disease.

Loft Clearances in Portsmouth

Lofts can easily become cluttered and full of junk, attracting dirt and unwanted pests. Perhaps you’re planning a loft extension, adding insulation to help you save money on your fuel bill and simply want a really good clear out of unwanted items. This is where Malum can help. We are used to accessing tight spaces due to the pest control work that we do. We can also provide ladders to access lofts and will always put down sheets to protect carpets below from dust and dirt.

If you have experienced a problem with pests in your loft the insulation could be contaminated and should also be replaced. We can do this for you by replacing with new loft insulation in line with UK guidelines of 270mm.

Extreme Hoarders House Clearance

Hoarding can result in a home which is completely unusable, dysfunctional and can also be a significant fire risk. At Malum we understand that hoarding is a sensitive condition. We are often contacted by a family member or local service who is concerned for well-being and health of an extreme hoarder. We will act with care and privacy to clear the property, leaving it in a hygienic and respectable condition.

Gardens, Sheds and Garage Clearance

Overgrown gardens, packed sheds and garages can quickly become a haven for a wide range of pests. These pests can spread to your home as they go in search of more food and shelter. As experts in pest control in Portsmouth we can not only rid your property of pests but also clear it of rubbish and junk that may have accumulated over the years.

Fire Damage Clean Up

Fire and soot can leave a property highly contaminated as a result a professional restoration service is required. We will inspect your property and can provide a controlled waste disposal service, along with cleaning of areas affected such as carpets, rugs, furniture, walls and floors. The damage caused by smoke can be expensive but contact us for a cost and quote. We offer a competitive and professional fire damage clean up service.

End of Tenancy House Clearance

We can remove rubbish, junk and waste which have been left by your tenants. Our end of tenancy house clearance is ideal for landlords who are keen to ensure that their property is clean and sanitised ready for their next tenant, as well as tenants who need to ensure they receive back their deposit when vacating the property. For end of tenancy clearance prices please contact us for a competitive and no-obligation quote.

Needle Sweeps and Sharps

Needles, syringes and blades often carry harmful infectious diseases including HIV and Hepatitis B and are sometimes found in abandoned houses, squats and public areas such as toilets. It’s important any area which is likely to have sharps is professionally cleared using our needle sweep and removal service. We have experience in removing needles and syringes and understand the risks associated with them

Bodily Fluid Removal and Disinfection

Sadly, when a person has passed away in their home and remain undiscovered for some time bodily fluids, blood and urine can remain. Bodily fluids can transmit disease and pose a potential health risk if not treated properly. These fluids can seep into porous material making the clean up even more difficult and are not always visible to the naked eye. We are able to sanitise and remove unpleasant odours left behind from bodily fluids with a specialist disinfection service.

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