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We offer hoarder clearance services across the Hampshire area, including Southampton, Portsmouth and Basingstoke, plus areas in West Sussex, including Chichester. We’re a professional house and loft clearance company that can be used for residential or commercial premises.

House and Loft Hoarder Clearance

Hoarding items in the home becomes a problem when it interferes with everyday living or your wellbeing and safety. At Malum, we possess the expertise and empathy needed to help our customers take the necessary steps to clear their homes and improve matters.

While a clutter- existence may seem impossibly out of reach, it can be done! We can help you pare back your home so you can enjoy the stress- environment you deserve.

What is a hoarder?

A hoarder is simply someone that hoards: they may be a compulsive collector of specific items, or their hoarding problems may span an excessive number of everyday objects in their own home, including ornaments, furniture and even waste paper and rubbish.

In truth, there is probably a little bit of a hoarder in everyone – it can be hard to throw items away or rehome them when they have served us well, may “come in handy in the future”, or have fond memories attached to them.

Why is hoarding an issue?

Hoarding at its extreme comes at a cost – it can contribute to ill health, cause massive inconvenience and stress to the hoarder and other family members and even represent a fire hazard in the home.

In addition, in the UK, local councils, social services or the environment agency may be alerted when the situation causes concern to other residents or over the inhabitants’ welfare. This can cause hoarders to feel isolated, anxious and embarrassed, thereby fuelling a cycle that’s difficult to break.

Hoarder house and loft clearance from Chichester to Christchurch

We operate across a wide area which includes the following towns and cities:

Experts in compulsive hoarding house clearance

At Malum, we understand hoarding is a sensitive condition and letting go of items can be difficult and distressing. Our professional team always act with the utmost respect and care as we undertake our duties.

You may be a family member of a hoarder, have recognised your hoarding has reached a compulsive level or be a landlord seeking to clear your property after a problematic tenancy or persistent fly-tipping.

Whatever the situation, rest assured that our team has lots of experience with compulsive hoarding, having successfully cleared, deep cleaned, and dealt with numerous extreme house clearances.

Professional house clearance service

At Malum, we are a specialist house clearance company and our value for money hoarder house clearances service may include:

Customer Enquiry Form

Complete our online contact form for a call back. We will be able to provide you with the advice and any questions that you may have about our hoarder clearance service:

Free hoarder house and loft clearance quotes, with friendly and sensitive advice

We are here to advise you through the process of hoarded house clearance and would love to help you or your friend or relative feel more comfortable and relaxed in your home.

You can rest assured with us that we will take care of your property and see that it is completely cleared and cleaned in a conscientious and effective manner. Get in touch today to request a quote to get started.

Bodily fluid removal and disinfection

It’s a fact of life that many elderly hoarders pass away in their own homes. This can lead to body fluids lingering after the person has been taken to an undertaker or laid to rest. We understand this can be particularly upsetting for relatives, and we offer a bodily fluid removal and disinfection service to deep clean and disinfect the area affected. As bodily fluids require a type of specialist cleaning, certain safety procedures must be utilised to ensure a full decontamination of the clean up area has taken place to avoid cross contamination.

At Malum, our team is equipped to handle all questions you may have when it comes to cleaning after trauma, and this can be integrated into the property clearance service.

Sanitise, disinfect and odour neutralise

Clearing the house is only part of the service. Through our thorough and integrated services, we will leave you with a space that’s clear of waste and liveable; whilst ensuring that it is well sanitised and of pests or disease. Our tried and tested process never fails.

Hoarder loft clearance

A loft is a handy spot for even the covert hoarder. If yours is bursting to the brim, or you’ve just moved in and discovered the space has been left in a chaotic manner, give us a call or fill out our enquiry form.

At Malum, our compulsive hoarding service can include the removal of any rubbish or unwanted items that may be clogging up your loft, as well as the disposal of all items in a safe and ethical manner (wherever possible).

Pest removal and control

Where there is clutter or waste, pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches, flies, fleas, and bedbugs will often breed unchecked. Whilst you may hear, smell or find evidence of them, unless it is a severe infestation, you will rarely see them.

It’s essential to deal with pest infestations to protect your health. Indeed, if any such situation is uncovered when clearing a home, we have the services and expertise to deal with it swiftly and discreetly.

Why choose Malum house clearances?

Malum is a house clearance company that can take care of it all with complete confidentiality. From house clearance to pest infestation and deep cleaning, our trustworthy and reliable staff will tackle each job in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Our professional team are fully licensed, highly experienced in dealing with cluttered property and prepared for any scenario or adverse situation that may arise.

Ready to get started? Our booking process is easy – just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The length of the whole process will depend on the scale of the hoarding and the size of the property. Items can be floor to ceiling, making areas inaccessible and slower to clear, or items may be concentrated in a particular area.

When a hoarder dies, family and friends may be shocked at the situation, and of course, it has added emotional impact due to the recent demise of a loved one.

We can help you get through a difficult time by simply knuckling down to the hard work needed to get the property completely cleared and habitable again.

Hoarding is often associated with depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder and is a condition recognised in the UK by the NHS as 'hoarding disorder'.

There's no one reason individuals hoard - it could be due to mental health, traumatic life events, disability or mobility issues. Anything that can make it extremely hard for a person to tidy, clean, categorise items or let go of them could be a contributing factor.

At Malum, we're aware hoarding is often a complex cycle to break, but we have seen time after time that afterwards, our clients feel a great sense of relief at having the hard work tackled for them.

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