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Why choose Malum for your Pest Control in Southampton

Having specialised in pest control services in Southampton for over 10 years, our experienced team of experts have earned an unrivalled reputation for professionalism, discretion and high standards of work. So confident are we in the services we provide, that we won’t even take payment until you’re pest . So, enlist Malum today and make your pest problems a thing of the past.

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Professional pest control services in Southampton, Hampshire

From bird proofing your property to eliminating insect infestations, Malum Southern Pest and Bird Control are the experts to call in Southampton. We provide tailored pest control services and solutions to both domestic and commercial clients.

Offering a gateway into the picturesque New Forest and with a bustling cruise port, Southampton is a popular city to visit and live. Hosting over four million tourists each year, this city also attracts a few unwelcome guests such as pests, birds and rodents.

Steeped in culture, Southampton offers a plethora of attractions from heritage museums to lively music venues, superb shops and award-winning parks. Here you can explore the city’s rich history as you walk the walls, stroll through the Old Town or cheer on the Saints at a football match. And when you want to eat, drink and relax, there are no shortage of eclectic bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from.

Southampton is the greenest city in the South, with a myriad of parks and over 300 acres of common. Here the flora and fauna flourish, as do rats, mice and other rodents who revel in the discarded food and overflowing bins that are at their disposal. Being located so close to the coast also attracts seagulls and gulls in addition to pigeons who enjoy the high life, nesting and fouling on city buildings.

High-quality pest control

Covering pest control in Southampton, our team use more than 10 years of experience to deliver first-class results. Over the years, we have worked with many well-known businesses and have developed a reputation for the high standard of our work. In fact, we have such confidence in our services that they are all fully guaranteed*.

We'll remove your pests fast!

Pests have the potential to contaminate homes, spread disease, and damage products, foodstuffs, and property, which can result in fires and, in extreme circumstances, even death. When you discover that you have a pest problem, it is essential you take action to deal with it. We work closely with Southampton homeowners to rid their property of pests. Rodent and insect control are the two most common measures we take in homes.

Call in the experts

Even the cleanest homes or business premises in Southampton can be host to unwelcome visitors but trying to get rid of them yourself can be costly and dangerous. To prevent the spread of disease and to protect your property, you’ll usually need to call in the pest control experts.

Malum pest control in Southampton will provide you with a fast response and immediate and ongoing control of pests, whether you are dealing with bed bugs, wasps, mice, rats, or any other creature. Our team will assess your infestation and provide a tailored solution that is accompanied by a guarantee. For advice and a site inspection, call us today. 

We are registered on Checkatrade and a member of the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA).

Regular pest management services

Due to the behaviour of pests they are not always noticed immediately. It can be some time before an infestation is identified, and usually it’s too late. Having an effective and regular pest management service in place will reduce business exposure and ensure ongoing compliance. Whatever your business, trust us to provide you with the very best integrated pest management service.

Experienced team of technicians

Our experienced team provide ongoing, regular servicing or one-off visits completely tailored to your business needs. This includes complying with food manufacturing codes of practice, such as those used by high street supermarkets. For your peace of mind, we offer full service guarantees and provide unlimited callouts and follow-up visits as standard.

Pest awareness training

An effective method of counteracting pests is to make sure your company staff are fully trained. Malum offers pest awareness training in Southampton, designed to educate operation staff on pest behaviours, what to look for, and the best practice if pests are found. By completing this training, your staff will have an improved knowledge and will be able to identify potential infestation before it’s too late.

Pest CONTROL 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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The Malum team are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply leave a message and we’ll get back to you with advice and a solution to your pest problem in Southampton:

Pest control services available in Southampton

At Malum we use our specialist expertise and local knowledge to eradicate and deter opportunistic pests from exploiting the area and entering your business and homes in Southampton.
No one likes the thought of unwanted house guests, and with Malum pest control in Southampton we can banish them for good, giving you peace of mind that your property is pest . Whether it’s a wasp nest or a molehill; ants, rats, bedbugs or squirrels; we can deal with your problem quickly and efficiently.
Malum Pest Control Southampton

Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control Customer Reviews in Southampton

Robb P.
Malcolm J.
Pigeon Problem. Solar panels are brilliant except they attract pigeons that slip under them, nest and raise chicks. Worst still than that, the gutters filling up with poo, eggs that roll out of nests, pigeon carcasses from Sparrow hawk strikes. The noise of cooing and dancing pigeon feet wake us. They strafe our cars and front windows as they bomb us with poo when landing making dreadful unsightly poo streaks and blotchy blobs.Time to get Dean and Charles in.Very courteous well spoken gentlemen who went about installing pigeon protectection/ deterrent on the ridge and cutting off the access for the 'flying rats' to hunker down under the panels. They removed all the nests and debris from under the panels and the gutters. After the installation was completed they cleared away all the detritus they had removed and took it away. Alas a couple of chicks were lost, however they fed the local vixen who took the opportunity to steal them for her cubs. Nature at work! Brilliant job done by Dean and Charles, thanks.It's funny to see the confused pigeons wondering the perimeter of the roof now, unable to get under. It might take a day or two for them to work out they have been evicted!Final note, I overslept this morning as it was silent!
Joao Miguel D.
Dean and Charles came around today to pigeon proof my solar panels. Not only are they the nicest people around, but also have a great deal of attention to detail and care for their workmanship. They took the time to explain the process, the methods used, and what to expect in the upcoming weeks while the birds adjust to the changes to their homes. They've identified and documented a broken tile before climbing onto the roof, even offering to repair it for me. Everything was left tidy afterwards. I am thoroughly satisfied with their approach and would highly recommend them for this type of work. Top job, guys.
Jayne Louise P.
Charles was very efficient, tidy, answered all my questions and provided a 5* service. A credit to your company he resolved the issues and was so polite, thank you.
David M.
Messaged Dean on Sunday lunch time about a potential visit, even though he was out having a Sunday lunch, communication was prompt and agreed to a visit on the Monday morning to my partners property. Appointment was set between 1100 and 1200 and Steve was there at 1105. First class customer service from both Dean and Steve. Steve was friendly, knowledgeable and was happy to explain everything that was happening. Unbelievable level of customer service demonstrated by this company. Steve did what he needed to do in a professional manner and booked in for the 2nd visit next week. Great company that prides itself on customer service and values. If you need pest control would highly recommend.
Alastair K.
Dean and Charles were very helpful and explained everything before and during the work. They were particularly good at communicating with us throughout.Despite the poor weather and unpleasant nature of the job they were very professional and did everything to help us at a time of crisis due to our bird mite infestation.Our solar panels and open chimney pots are now bird proofed which keeps away the pigeons that were nesting under the panels.Dean and Charles also treated our loft space to erradicate the bird mites which will hopefully be completely gone soon. We highly recommend Malum.
Luke K.
Used Malum to inspect our newly purchased first house as the survey found rate evidence of rats.Dean replied very quickly after we enquired. Gave us plenty of information and a full explanation of the process to be carried out. Luckily no new evidence of rats were found by Dean and his team.He quoted and his team carried out the removal of loft insulation(disposed of correctly), disinfected the area and laid down new insulation in the loft.Fair pricing, quick responses and always kept us up to date with what was going on! Highly recommend.
Dave was honest and did a thorough inspection of our attic for wasps. Also got rid of all the wasps housing in our roof tiles. A few days later, I asked him to come round and get rid of a few stranglers, that we now know hatched afterwards. He sent round one of his team the next day and got rid of them too. They gaurantee the work. High standard of customer care. Happily recommend.
Gary K.
I am very impressed with this company, I called regarding a large wasp nest in my loft, two polite, professional guys turned up, suited up and sprayed the nest and took it away in two plastic bags.The response time was fantastic, just three hours!!The price was also very good too.Im very pleased. An outstanding business and highly recommended,will definitely use them again in the future.
Ash P.
Solar bird protection - we contacted Malum for a bird protection quote for our new solar panels. Dean was great, explained the products and after some comms gave us a very competitive quote. After seeing examples of his work, we chose him.Upon install day, Dean and Charles came and installed the bird protection. It looks fab and great quality finish. If your looking for bird protection, look no further.If and when we ever need further services from him, we will contact him for sure ☑️
Mike E.
We used Malum to sort a big problem for us involving pidgeons nesting under our solar panels. They guys did a great job, were quick to attend site, proofed the solar panels and sorted the bird mites out for us and even sorted a wasp nest out for our neighbour whilst on site. Highly reccomend them.
Hayden W.
Needed bird proofing put around our solar panels and Malum were highly recommended by people who had the same work done. Reasonably priced compared to other quotes we received. Work was complete in under 2 hours. Would highly recommend.
Jane B.
A quick and professional service. My problems were identified quickly and dealt with very efficiently and effectively. I highly recommend Malum for their professional, friendly and helpful support and service.
Amarylis O.
We had a serious Pigeon Infestation beneath our solar panels, they were slowly ruining our gutters and roof tiles and fouling everything below. After having a chat with Dean he came straight round and provided a quote, due to the height of our house and the access we needed to have scaffolding. Dean was able to sort this and everything came together. The job itself is very well done, the guys used black mesh which can't be seen from the ground, all gutters cleared and no more pigeons!!!Very happy and will be recommending Dean and his team.
Gary S.
Dean & Charles fitted a proofing mesh around my solar panels. They did an awesome job, even given the slight challenges with the weather. Arranged the scaffolding, and done in a matter of hours! This is the second time I have used this company as had an ant infestation during summer last year, and resolved the issue! Would highly recommend this company.
Robert N.
Bird proofing to areas under tiles and facia, bird droppings in loft space cleaned and sanitised.Dean and his team provided an amazing service, they are highly skilled, friendly and have deep knowledge of their industry. Definitely recommend.
Maxine M.
Dean and the team are amazing! I had a problem with mice and had tried to get my local council to sort, but despite a few call outs it was getting worse. Dean and his team came in and sorted it straight away. They’re always genuine and go above and beyond to help their customer. I’ve always found them to be honest and incredibly helpful. Would thoroughly recommend them.
Grace S.
Mike D.
Dean responded immediately to our initial enquiry (despite it being the weekend), and Dave was round two days later to remove the problem - a very large, but thankfully inactive, wasps nest in the loft - *not* something I’d want to tackle myself. I’m hoping it won’t happen again, but if it does I know who to call!
Paul K.
Malum pest control were fantastic dealing with a problem of pigeons nesting under our solar panels. The mesh installed was very neat and the area under the panels and our gutters were thoroughly cleared before installation. Dean and his colleague were fantastic. We also had ridge spikes installed. Excellent outcome we are now pigeon free.
Luke P.
Having had solar panels for 5 years we had never had a bird problem, until now. Pigeons, and to boot pigeon noise and droppings all over the roof, gutters, panels and worse the patio below where our children play.Dean was amazing. Organised the scaffolding, cleaned the roof/gutters, and fixed bird spikes to the panels so they couldn't get under anymore. The result, no more noise, and more importantly, no more bird droppings.Great value, great communications, great job. Highly recommended.
Sue L.
I called Malum Pest Control as I had 'noises' in my roof. As luck would have it, Dean was only five minutes away and I literally put the phone down to Dave to find Dean on my doorstep! He found the issue almost immediately - mice. He was back the following week to discover that the mice were very hungry and had eaten all the bait so he laid more and promised to return in 10 days. Today after a thorough checking the trays were untouched and the mice were no more. Dean couldn't have been more helpful and I can't recommend Malum highly enough.
Eunice F.
Fantastic service. Efficient, pleasant and did the job!!!
Holly M.
Malum responded to my call quickly and arrived at the agreed time. They gave me lots of useful advice to deal with a mice problem.
Shanna W.
I contacted Malum about an on going hornet issue myself and my neighbour had been experiencing and within 48hours Dean had arrived to investigate. Dean removed the hornets. His product knowledge was incredible very informative not only did Dean help myself and my neighbour he gave us information about what else could happen in the future how to help ourselves in the future and what to expect after treatment!Dean was very polite and professional thank you for making my garden safe for our family and dog! I hope I never have to use pest services again! But if I am unfortunate enough I would happily use Malum again!
Damian M.
Malum came and quoted for pigeon proofing our and our neighbours solar panels , Dean has done a great job for a good price. The pigeons have moved on so we are happy with the work.
Martyn W.
Dean sorted our ants. Absolutely no trouble. Top class service. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
Gary N.
Brilliant, would recommend to anyone
Joe T.
Contacted Malum in regards to an ants nest we had in the property. Dean came to us promptly identified the problem within an hour and quickly applied the relevant poison and to date we haven’t had them return thank you Dean 🙏🏻😊
Professional, well priced and extremely efficient.
Di A.
Solved my problem when other firms didn't. Very trustworthy.
Norman B.
Woke up on Christmas Eve morning to find that something had chewed through waste pipe at rear of recently refitted bathroom toilet. No point in replacing pipe until culprits dealt with! My call to Malum was answered promptly and Dave was with us within an hour! After investigating and lifting manhole covers outside he identified evidence of rodent (rat) activity. Dave fitted a non return (one way) valve to soil pipe to block access. He then placed bait out to deal with any stragglers. After hearing stories about pest controllers from others I was fully expecting an extortionate bill - made even higher by it being in the Bank Holiday period - but I was told from the outset what it would cost, and that cost was very reasonable, including the follow up visits to make sure the problem is resolved. Superb service at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended!
Aleksej L.
Bee nest removed, quick and efficient
Andy C.
I highly recommend Malum for all your Pest Control needs. They are reliable, professional and friendly and we will continue to work with them on an ongoing basis.
Malum came to sort out a rodent problem we had. I could not be happier with the efficient, effective and friendly service they provided. They were clear on costs and treatment, reassured me and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Su W.
Absolutely fantastic. Joe arrived promptly, was very friendly and professional, was not concerned where the bumble bee nest was, had appropriate tools to access nest and put the area back to how it was before. Excellent, very knowledgeable, and put my mind at rest regarding the likelihood of re-infestation, and also how he was going to manage preserving the queen and her colony. Would absolutely use again for any issues with infestations/pests. Thank you.
Charlie S.
peter D.
Rosie B.
Joe is very friendly and knows his stuff. Quick response and fixed my problem on his first visit, which I had been struggling with for months!!! Only regret is not calling him sooner.
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