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Wasp and hornet nest removal in Basingstoke

Frantically buzzing through beer gardens, dive bombing innocent bystanders and sending small kids into a tizz, wasps wreak havoc wherever they go. If you are situated in or around the Basingstoke area and are being attacked by these pesky pests, then give Malum Southern Pest and Bird Control a call and we’ll ensure that these wasps buzz off for good.

At Malum we deal with all types of wasp and hornet nests 7 days a week, and can service both residential and commercial customers in the Basingstoke area:

If you are suffering from wasp attacks, then our team of experts will visit your property and apply a residual insecticidal dust to directly target the wasps nest and eliminate the problem. We will also provide professional advice to keep you safe from stings and prevent further problems from arising in the future.

For peace of mind we also offer one of the most efficient wasp nest removal services in Basingstoke. We will however, only remove the nest from your property once we are sure that the whole colony has been treated and the wasps have been eradicated.

Local wasp control services across Basingstoke

Not all wasps are considered pests – in fact there are tens of thousands of known species of wasps. And, whilst there are some which pollinate and prey on other insect pests, social wasps (such as yellow jackets and hornets), simply hang in hostile groups with a menacing sting in their tails.

So before you go into battle, it is important that you know which wasp you are fighting with. At Malum we can identify the type of wasp that is attacking your property and use the appropriate methods in order to get rid of them.

It is never wise to attempt to treat or remove a wasps nest yourself, as they can contain up to 7,000 wasps, if not more! Instead give Malum Southern Pest and Bird Control a call and let us deal with the problem on your behalf.

How do you know if I have a wasp nest?

Have you noticed more wasps then usual flying around your property? Are you flailing your arms more than usual in an attempt to flap them away? Perhaps you are getting ‘unexplained’ wasps flying inside your house – especially at night?

All of these are indicators that a wasps nest may be lurking nearby.

Some species of wasps will build their nests outside in bushes and trees and these paper like structures may be easy to spot. Grey or brown in colour, they are usually constructed in sheltered areas such as wall cavities, under roofs and eaves and even in bird boxes, sheds, summer houses and garages.

If you think you have a problem with wasps, then don’t delay, get in touch with Malum today!

What happens if you leave a wasp nest?

If you leave a wasps nest for long enough then it will eventually die out – but probably not until you have experienced a few sharp stings. Also, one nest can produce up to 100 fertile queens, which will only go on to hibernate, ready to plague you the following year.

Therefore, it is better to call in a professional pest control company, such as Malum Pest Control to apply a residual insecticidal dust. After treatment, it is important that the nest is not removed for at least 48 hours (if not longer). By removing a nest too soon could cause the worker wasps to return and attempt to re-build it, causing further problems down the line.

A wasps nest can never be re used, so can be left in its original place once treated providing that it is not fixed to a wooden structure or ceiling as they can stain and have ability to corrode certain materials. At Malum, we will advise you of the best solution and can remove the treated wasps nest if necessary.

What’s the difference between a wasp and a hornet?

A wasp and a hornet are both flying insects, but there are some key differences. Hornets are typically larger and have more potent venom than wasps. Additionally, hornets build larger nests and are generally more aggressive. However, both can sting and should be approached with caution.

For more information on our wasp and hornet nest removal services in Basingstoke, contact us and request a quote today.

How much does wasp and hornet control cost?

The cost of wasp control typically starts from £70 plus VAT. This price usually covers a single visit that includes treatment. Discounts are available for multiple nests on the same property.

Do you offer bee pest control?

It’s important to note that bees will only be treated as a last resort, as they are typically protected and alternative solutions are explored.

Local wasp & hornet control

Our wasp control specialists serve Hampshire, West Sussex and Dorset. Don’t worry if your precise location isn’t listed, so long as you’re within these counties we can help.

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