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How to get rid of rats in your drains

how to get rid of rats in drains
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    Drains offer a safe place to shelter for many animals, but in urban areas such as Southampton and Portsmouth, we often get called out to deal with rats that are coming into properties via the sewers.

    Getting rid of rats in drains: Most rat infestations start due to defective drains or pipes. A rat only needs a small crack or hole to make their home in your drainage system. To prevent rodents from scampering into your property from drains, call out a professional pest control expert today.

    Drains provide the perfect environment for rats, as they are able to find plenty of food and water from the waste that we flush away. If you want to prevent rodents from making their way into your building or popping up in your toilet, then take a look at our top tips for getting rid of rats in your drains.

    How to stop rats climbing drain pipes

    Whether we like it or not, rats in our drain systems are a common occurrence, especially in highly-populated cities across the South Coast. The main reason for this is due to poorly maintained pipes that are worn out, damaged or cracked due to water and waste.

    Rats often enter our properties via the drainage system, as they are able to squeeze through tight spaces thanks to their flexible vertebrae. Not only are rats mini contortionists, but they are fantastic climbers, so scaling your plumbing is a piece of cake for these furry foes.

    Add superb swimming to their list of achievements, and it should not come as any surprise to see rats running amok inside your pipes and popping up in your U-bend. The good news is, however, that there are some simple ways in which we can stop rats from climbing our drain pipes.

    At Malum Southern Pest and Bird Control we will inspect your property to identify the source and extent of your rat infestation. Using rodenticides, we will eradicate the rats and recommend products such as rodent barriers and rat flaps, to reduce the risk of any future infestations.

    Who is responsible for rats in drain pipes?

    Unlike most problems that occur inside your home, assigning responsibility for rats in your drain pipes often comes down to when and where the rats entered the property.

    What most people do not realise is that water companies are obliged to assist you if you have rats coming up from the sewers that are beyond the boundary of your property.

    If, however, the rats are escaping from your drain, then you will be responsible for the necessary repairs. And as a property owner, you have a legal obligation under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 to keep your premises rodent-.

    If you are unsure as to the exact location of the rat infestation, then contact us at Malum, and we will not only inspect your property to identify the source but can detail the extent of your rat problem.

    Top tips for ridding rats from your drains

    Failure to act fast can lead to these rampant rodents causing no end of damage to your property or business. Follow our top tips for how to rid yourself of rats in your drains.

    1. Investigate

    Blocked gutters, creaky pipes and water flowing slower than usual are all warning signs that there is something sinister going on with your drainage system.

    The most important step when ridding rats from your drains, is to understand how and where the rats are coming from. This can be as simple as looking for misshapen, cracked, twisted, or bent pipes; gaps in your brickwork near gutters and drains; or listening out for scrapping and scuttling within sewers and walls.

    If you are struggling to find an access point, we would recommend calling a pest control company such as Malum to do the investigation for you. We work in partnership with recommended third parties who can carry out a full CCTV survey of your drains that will allow you to understand everything that is going on underneath your home.

    2. Blocking rats from further access

    Once you have spotted the problem, it is important to get it fixed. This includes repairing any broken drains, patching up small holes in pipes and installing a rodent barrier or a rat flap (a gate-like structure that provides a barrier to entry).

    At Malum Southern Bird and Pest Control, we can discuss and fit a variety of rat proofing solutions to suit your needs.

    3. Preventing rats from entering drains

    Rats like to live in places where they are in close proximity to food, water, and shelter. By removing these sources, you leave your rodent foes no choice but to move elsewhere.

    Therefore, it is important that you think carefully about what you place down your plugholes and regularly maintain the areas around your sewers and drains.

    4. Catching rats in drains

    If you want to catch rats within your drains, we strongly recommend that you use an accredited professional who is knowledgeable in the use of rodenticides and traps, as they are highly toxic and can be harmful to other animals and wildlife.

    Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control is a full member of the National Pest Technicians Association (as well as many other professional auditing bodies), which allows us to deliver a first class pest control service whilst providing you with peace of mind.

    5. Checking for dead rats in drains

    It is important that traps are checked regularly once they are in full working order, as you do not want decomposing bodies left lying in your sewer for any great length of time.

    When you choose to use Malum for your rat infestation, we will return, reset, replenish, and dispose of any dead rodents from your property within a one-week period. All you need to do is to sit back, relax and let us do the dirty work.

    6. Use a professional pest control and drainage company

    Whilst you may think it is a case of out of sight, out of mind, it won’t take long for a pack of rats to figure out how to get from your outside pipes, to inside your home!

    At Malum Southern Pest and Bird Control, we use industry leading treatments to detect rats, and have a guaranteed three-part plan designed to effectively remove and take care of your rat problem, with minimum stress and disruption.

    This service includes scheduled visits (before, during and after treatment) and starts from as little as £174, depending on the location and severity of the infestation.

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