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How to get rid of pests in your guttering

how to get rid of pests in guttering
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    Your gutters and pipes play a major role in the maintenance of your property, providing a place for excess water, rain or melting ice to drain.

    In Britain we are renowned for our winter downpours, so it is important that our gutters are to flow and clear of debris. Because if left unchecked, leaves and twigs provide the perfect breeding ground for pests who are looking for a cosy home to rest.

    At Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control Ltd, we are often called out to deal with pests residing in gutters, who have caused significant damage to properties over the winter months.

    Getting rid of pests in your gutters

    Autumn is a magical time of year. As the flowers start to wilt the grassy foliage glitters with frost; trees start to shed their golden leaves; and crisp breezes cause small twigs to flutter from the branches above. Dancing in the sky, this debris often settles inconspicuously in our household gutters. For although it goes unnoticed by us, waiting patiently in the shadows are pests.

    If you have a ladder, a thick pair of gloves and great balance then clearing your clogged gutters yourself is often an easy task. If, however, you have pests lurking within them, you need to ensure that you get rid of them properly in the process. Depending on the type of pests and level of infestation, we would recommend calling in a professional pest control expert.

    Pests that bed down in your gutters

    Animals such as rodents, roaches, squirrels and insects love to live in cool, dank environments where food and shelter is in abundance. Rotting leaves and broken sticks also provide great building materials for creating nests for birds, bees and wasps.


    Rats and mice may keep out of sight, yet the sound of their scampering claws can be heard through windows and walls. Chances are, if they are in your guttering, they will be looking for a way to wangle themselves inside your house. At Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control we will not only eradicate rodents from your guttering and home, but we will identify potential points of entry. Once located we will begin laying rodenticides and traps in a safe and controlled environment.


    Although cockroaches can live without food for many weeks, they need a regular water supply in order to survive. This is why these nocturnal pests choose to live amongst the moist and mould of your gutters. Since cockroaches can contaminant your food causing harmful disease, even when spotted outside your home, you should take immediate action to stop them from coming inside. At Malum we will not survey and treat your guttering but reduce the risk of re-infestation.


    Gutters provide a safe place for squirrels to hang out, well away from predators and cossetted from changing weather conditions. Plus, with material already accumulated inside a dirty gutter, they have everything they could possible need in order to build a nest. But left to their own devices squirrels can cause serious structural damage. Chewing through wires and gnawing on wooden facades they can quickly gain entry to your attic and loft. At Malum we can offer solutions such as baited traps and recommendations that will ensure you are squirrel once more.


    Feral birds such as pigeons love to perch, and open gutters make great seats. They can also enjoy a cushion of soft leaves, plentiful insects found breeding amongst the decomposing foliage and a variety of twigs and branches readily available for making a roost. But whilst they make look tranquil enough soaring in the sky, when they live outside your window squawking and fouling all day long, it is time to say goodbye. At Malum we have a number of bird proofing deterrents that won’t harm the birds but will keep these pests at bay.

    Bees and wasps

    Mainly spotted in the summer months, wasps and bees are common gutter invaders because they love the clammy environment it provides. Not only can large numbers of these pests be aggressive and attack to defend their habitat, but the heavy weight of the nest can also cause fundamental damage to your property. This is why it is so important to call a professional, such as Malum, to remove it. We can apply a residual insecticidal dust to eliminate wasp problems and if you have an issue with bees, then we will take special measures to remove or relocate them back into the countryside.

    gutter bird spikes

    How to prevent pests getting in your guttering

    Prevention is key when it comes to stopping pests from getting in your gutters. Simply by maintaining the areas around your property by trimming back tress and bushes will make it harder for pest animals to crawl directly into your guttering.

    Other things that you can do to prevent pests from accessing your main drainage is to get your gutters professionally cleaned. There are many companies, such as KJC Drainage in Gosport, who offer a regular gutter cleaning and repair service.

    Gutter spikes can prevent pests from landing and nesting in your gutters without causing them any harm. Supplied with integral gutter clips they can be securely attached to the outside edge, while allowing the water to continue to flow underneath.

    You can also look to install gutter guards. These are screens that are filled with tiny holes that attach to the roof and completely cover the gutter. Gutter guards come in a wide variety of shapes and materials and are easy to install.

    Why choose Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control?

    If, however, you have left it too late to prevent pests from entering your guttering the next best thing to do is to ensure that you evict them as soon as possible. At Malum Pest Management Ltd, we are available 24/7 to access your guttering and remove rodents and birds on your behalf.

    Plus, if you have a tall house or a large commercial property, then Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control can affix pest deterrents for you. By using the latest innovative technology (including drones), we will survey your drains and guttering before using rope access methods such as abseiling to install pest deterrents.

    For more information and advice on keeping your guttering pest this winter, please contact us today for an informal chat and a , no obligation quote.

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