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Drone Surveys for Pest Control

Is it a bird…? Is it a plane…? No, it’s an innovative new solution to solving your pest and bird control problem

Drones are becoming ever more popular thanks to advances in technology. These aerial cameras are particularly adept for scaling large areas of land or for safely performing inspections on high rise buildings and roofs, that are otherwise difficult to reach.

The latest in drone technology for pest and bird control

Here at Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control, we use drones in order to view pest entry points and roosting areas that may not be viewable from below. Our drones are fitted with heat-seeking cameras that allow us to effortlessly perform thermal pest population surveys for our clients.

By autonomously scanning and identifying pests using drone technology, not only allows us to remain rooted safely on the ground but saves you time and money that would otherwise have been spent on conventional methods – such as abseiling, scaffolding or other mobile hoists.

Why drones are so effective for bird and pest control management

Drones offer an alternative to inspecting your pest problem and are significantly more effective and cost-efficient than other methods. They allow us to review results in real-time and do not require much manpower or time to operate. All data and imaging captured from the drone is investigated by us and sent through to you with recommendations for a long-term pest control solution.

At Malum, we use drones in order to:

  • Inspect roofs and other hard to reach areas for pest and bird damage and nesting materials
  • Check and maintain existing bird nets, spikes, wires and other bird proofing methods
  • Review structural areas and voids that may need fixing or sealing in order to prevent easy access for pests
  • Deliver fast pest inspections for a quick resolution
  • Reduce building access costs such as scaffolding, abseiling, cherry pickers etc
  • Decrease the risks associated with working from heights
  • Provide high quality thermal imaging of pest problems to our clients

Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control Drone Services

At Malum we use drones in order to provide aerial building inspections and detailed thermal survey services. Using drone technology, mounted with a high-quality camera we can view imagery immediately as it is transmitted in real time to our smartphones. After a thorough post-flight review, we can supply our clients with a detail report and video of any areas that may be cause for concern.

Drone services we offer:

  • Fully qualified drone pilots
  • High level building inspections undertaken without risk
  • Cost saving surveillance solutions
  • Fast onsite imaging taken in real-time
  • Thermal mapping
  • Surveillance for cleaning and pest/bird damage
  • Detailed client reports

Request a drone survey today

Our fully qualified drone pilots are on hand to inspect roofs, birds’ nests, existing pest proofing equipment and any suspected damage that may already have been caused.

If you would like to find out more about our drone services or to arrange an inspection, please call Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control on 0800 228 9238 today.

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At Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control we pride ourselves at providing the very best integrated pest management approach. We look at every challenge from outside the box to give you the very best long term solutions. Through our experience we can provide a guaranteed* and professional approach.
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