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Having specialised in pest control services in Bournemouth, Dorset for years, our experienced team of experts have earned an unrivalled reputation for professionalism, discretion and high standards of work. So confident are we in the services we provide, that we won’t even take payment until you’re pest . So, enlist Malum today and make your pest problems a thing of the past.

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Professional pest control services in Bournemouth, covering Boscombe, Kinson, Southbourne, Springbourne, Throop, Westbourne, Winton and Pokesdown

From bird proofing your property to eliminating insect infestations, Malum Southern Pest and Bird Control are the experts to call in Bournemouth. We provide tailored pest control services and solutions to both domestic and commercial clients.

Covering pest control in Bournemouth, our team use more than 10 years of experience to deliver first-class results. Over the years, we have worked with many well-known businesses and have developed a reputation for the high standard of our work. In fact, we have such confidence in our services that they are all fully guaranteed*.

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Pests have the potential to contaminate homes, spread disease, and damage products, foodstuffs, and property, which can result in fires and, in extreme circumstances, even death. When you discover that you have a pest problem, it is essential you take action to deal with it. We work closely with Dorset homeowners to rid their property of pests. Rodent and insect control are the two most common measures we take in homes.

Call in the experts

Even the cleanest homes or business premises in Bournemouth can be host to unwelcome visitors but trying to get rid of them yourself can be costly and dangerous. To prevent the spread of disease and to protect your property, you’ll usually need to call in the pest control experts.

Malum pest control in Bournemouth will provide you with a fast response and immediate and ongoing control of pests, whether you are dealing with bed bugs, wasps, mice, rats, or any other creature. Our team will assess your infestation and provide a tailored solution that is accompanied by a guarantee. For advice and a site inspection, call us today. 

We are registered on Checkatrade and a member of the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA).

Regular pest management services

Due to the behaviour of pests they are not always noticed immediately. It can be some time before an infestation is identified, and usually it’s too late. Having an effective and regular pest management service in place will reduce business exposure and ensure ongoing compliance. Whatever your business, trust us to provide you with the very best integrated pest management service.

Experienced team of technicians

Our experienced team provide ongoing, regular servicing or one-off visits completely tailored to your business needs. This includes complying with food manufacturing codes of practice, such as those used by high street supermarkets. For your peace of mind, we offer full service guarantees and provide unlimited callouts and follow-up visits as standard.

Pest awareness training

An effective method of counteracting pests is to make sure your company staff are fully trained. Malum offers pest awareness training in Bournemouth, designed to educate operation staff on pest behaviours, what to look for, and the best practice if pests are found. By completing this training, your staff will have an improved knowledge and will be able to identify potential infestation before it’s too late.

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Pest control services available in Bournemouth

At Malum we use our specialist expertise and local knowledge to eradicate and deter opportunistic pests from exploiting the area and entering your business and homes in Bournemouth.
No one likes the thought of unwanted house guests, and with Malum pest control in Bournemouth we can banish them for good, giving you peace of mind that your property is pest . Whether it’s a wasp nest or a molehill; ants, rats, bedbugs or squirrels; we can deal with your problem quickly and efficiently.

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