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Pest Control for Universities, Colleges and Schools

Are you looking for a pest control solution for a university or school?

Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control are specialists in providing pest control solutions to large universities and schools within Hampshire, West Sussex and other local areas. We currently work with one of the largest universities on the South Coast and provide their facilities and students with a pest environment to work, live and study in.

Specialist pest control solutions for universities and schools across Hampshire and West Sussex

We can put a proactive pest management schedule in place to effectively control all pests and prevent them from returning. You may need a one-off inspection or an annual contract put in place, we can advise you on the best methods available for your commercial premisses. Our pest control methods are 100% tested, reliable and discreet.

  • Planned visits of each building for an in-depth pest inspection
  • Laying of traps for rodents and insects
  • Monitoring traps for any rodents and insects
  • Pest specialist available on site within 24 hours for any call out
  • Electronic fly killers – service and supply
  • Inspection and analysis of flying insects – this includes tracking any spikes in activity
  • Monitoring of flies (blowfly, housefly, lesser house fly, fruit fly and filter fly)
  • Dedicated pest management folder which includes visit logs, written reports, maps and checklists

Protect your students and staff from pests with Malum

Pests that we can manage for your university or school

With a high volume of students, educational facilities can be a target for a wide variety of pests. Kitchens and dining halls can easily attract flies, cockroaches and silverfish with external areas often the target for rats and birds. If your educational establishment is suffering with a pest control problem call us.

Rats: The most common pests found in university grounds. These pesky rodents are drawn into our educational premises by the lure of food and shelter. Causing no end of damage, they carry disease and breed at an alarming rate. At Malum we will not only locate the source of your infestation, but we ensure that it is dealt with effectively whilst preventing them from returning.

Flies: The first step in any control programme is the identification of the species of fly involved. This will confirm whether the flies are as a result of a hygiene problem or whether they are simply entering the premises as casual intruders searching for warmth and shelter.

Cockroaches: Cockroaches become a problem when they infest our buildings and feed on our food. The simple thought of Cockroaches can repulse many people. Cockroaches pose a serious threat to health. They are omnivorous, feeding on a huge range of food including cereals, meats, sugar, cheese, beer, insects, hair, bird droppings, book bindings, wallpaper and human faeces.

Bed bugs: Most bed bugs are spread by passive means. They often find their way into students luggage or even clothing. They are then carried to new buildings and student accommodation where they can emerge and start searching for food and harbourage. Second hand furniture can also spread bed bugs.

Birds: Whether they are nesting in your roof space or causing problems for students eating food, birds can be a nuisance. At Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control, we are bird control specialists. Through our vast experience, we understand that there is rarely only one solution for dealing with bird pests. We work closely with you to implement the right bird proofing methods and get the best results for your university of school.

  • 24 hour emergency call outs available. We can often visit you the same or next working day to give you the advice you need.
  • Competitive pricing in comparison to other larger pest control companies
  • Results driven. We have over 270 positive reviews on Checkatrade and counting.
  • Ethical and reliable. You can trust us to give you honest advice.
  • FREE, no-obligation quotes in the Hampshire & West Sussex areas.
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