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Expectations are always high when it comes to hotel stays and the tiniest detail can make or break a customer’s experience. The expectation that a hotel environment is clean and safe is a very basic one, so the sight of insects and other pests is a huge risk to a hotel’s reputation.

To prevent infestations at your premises and preserve your good reputation, it is wise to invest in proactive pest control. Even with the best intentions, a pest infestation can occur from time to time. In order to protect your staff, guests and business, it is wise to contact a professional without delay.

pest control for hotels

Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control for hotels

Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control is a professional pest control company serving the hospitality industry in Hampshire, West Sussex and Dorset. We can offer a , no obligation survey of your premises, to identify the source of many common pests and advise you on the best course of action.

We have extensive experience in hotel pest control, delivering one-off pest solutions to treat established infestations as well as long-term, commercial pest control contracts.

Prevention is better than the cure where hospitality pests are concerned, and we strongly advise our commercial customers to take proactive steps to protect their reputation and business.

Pest control requires proactive measures

At Malum, we believe in an integrated approach to actively control pests, combining all of the innovative solutions at our disposal to safeguard your premises. We can also offer valuable training to your housekeeping staff to spot the signs of pest problems before they get out of control.

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People can be very damning in their reaction to a pest problem at a hotel, putting your business at risk. But pest activity is not always down to poor hygiene, it can easily occur where there is a lot of human traffic and in food preparation areas, so a hotel is naturally at high risk.

While the occasional pest problem at a hotel can not always be helped, poor pest management can land owners in hot water. Rats, mice and insects post a serious public health problem and can multiply at alarming rates if ignored or untreated.

Prevention and early detection are the most effective ways to prevent pests from causing damage to your hotel business. Malum are on hand to offer professional pest solutions and deal with pests once and for all.

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Pests that we can help with in UK hotels

Our professional pest control services and contracts include the treatment of many common pests found in hotel accommodation.

Pest control for rats in hotels

Rats are never a welcome sight, especially not in a hotel. Aside from reputational damage, rodents can do significant structural damage to commercial properties and they pose a public health hazard to staff and guests.

Rats leave a trail of contamination behind them in their droppings, spreading pathogens such as Salmonellosis and Lyme disease. They are a particular threat in food preparation areas, and can leave hotel owners in breach of food hygiene regulations and vulnerable to prosecution.

Malum's three-point treatment for rodents

  1. The first visit involves a full inspection of your premises, before laying rodenticides and/or traps.
  2. We will return to dispose of dead rodents within one week and replenish traps if necessary.
  3. Upon our final visit we will remove all rodenticides and traps, and provide recommendations to reduce the risk of any future infestations.

Pest control for flies in hotels​

Flying insects are an ubiquitous sight in the UK and the odd one is generally no cause for alarm. But when flies start to appear in larger numbers, it is usually evidence of them breeding close by, and that is when they pose a serious health and hygiene risk.

Some species of fly can last throughout winter, but most species are to be seen in the summer months – a peak trading period for the hotel industry. To deal with flies and prevent contamination, we can offer effective pest management solutions, such as electric fly killers and screens.

Pest control for cockroaches in hotels​

Cockroaches are a repulsive sight, associated with filth and poor hygiene. When sighted in hotel rooms, public areas or dining areas, the consequences can be extremely damaging.

Cockroaches are mostly nocturnal, so are difficult to identify and treat. Treatment will depend on the particular species, numbers and where the infestation occurs, so it is essential to contact an expert such as Malum to deal with a cockroach problem.

Pest control for bed bugs in hotels​

With a constant flow of guests and staff each day, hotel rooms are vulnerable to pest infestations. Bed bugs can be easily transferred in luggage or on clothing, and can spread quickly.

Although they are not thought to carry disease they are parasites and, as with all biting insects, pose a health risk, with the potential to trigger allergic reactions.

A bed bug is sedentary apart from when feeding, so they are very difficult to get rid of, so professional pest control is advised. A combination of heat treatment and insecticides may be required get rid of them.

Pest control for birds in hotels​

Pigeons and seagulls can cause havoc if they decide to nest on your property. Not only are their droppings an eyesore, they spread nasty diseases such as E. Coli and they can even create a dangerous slip hazard.

Bird droppings are are also highly acidic, causing expensive structural damage if left to accumulate over time. If that were not bad enough, the detritus from birds nests attracts parasites, and can block chimneys creating a fire hazard.

A fully integrated pest control service is advised to prevent pigeons and seagulls from nesting on your property. At Malum, we supply, install and maintain bird deterrents such as netting, spikes and bird scarers, as well as offering falconry services to scare pest birds off once and for all.

Is there a legal requirement for hotels to do pest control?

There is no specific legislation regarding hospitality pest control. However, hoteliers are bound by law to maintain a safe environment for their staff and customers, and could find themselves in breach of regulations such as the Food Safety Act should pest infestations go untreated.

How do hotels prevent bed bugs?

Although most hotels employ stringent hygiene routines to avoid the spread of bed bugs, they can easily enter a hotel on a human host. Washing bedding at high temperatures, using protective casings and steaming beds is not always effective, so most hospitality venues employ the services of pest controllers.

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Malum Southern Pest and Bird Control delivers reliable, cost-effective and discreet pest control services and long term contracts to hotel businesses throughout Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex spanning from Chichester to Christchurch.

If you are seeking preventative pest control services or advice on dealing with a pest infestation, please contact us, we’d be happy to help.

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