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Pest control services for commercial buildings and property

For owners of commercial premises such as offices and flats, pest problems can be very bad for business. The discovery of rats, cockroaches, pigeons and the like can upset tenants and make you appear unprofessional, not to mention cause a serious risk to public health. 

Where pests are concerned, prevention is certainly better than the cure. If you own and let commercial buildings then it’s wise to seek a commercial pest control contract to prevent costly damage to your property and reputation.

If an infestation at your premises does occur, it is crucial to take fast action by calling an experienced pest control company such as Malum Southern Pest and Bird Control. We can take care of a wide range of pest issues swiftly, discreetly and effectively.

pest control services for commercial buildings

Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control

Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control provides commercial pest control contracts to local businesses throughout Hampshire, West Sussex and Dorset.

At Malum we take an integrated approach to every project. Through careful inspection we use our expertise to find potential sources of pest problems and work to prevent them by integrating different pest control techniques. Every case is unique, and we have all the tools in our arsenal to meet the individual needs of our clients.

We offer our customers a cost-effective pest control contract to keep their property of pests and keep them compliant with various public health legislation, such as the Food Safety Act.

Our commercial pest control contracts for property management

Regular site visits are included in our pest control contracts, to detect any pest activity at an early stage before it has the chance to get out of control. We can pest-proof your buildings with professional insect, rodent and bird deterrents, and provide advice and staff training to avoid infestations.

We offer a , no-obligation inspection of your site to assess your pest control requirements. As one of our clients, we will devise a pest management strategy to suit your individual business. You will receive a full service guarantee, unlimited callouts and follow-up visits as standard.

Together, we can make pest problems a thing of the past, providing you and your tenants with valuable peace of mind. Contact us today for more information on commercial pest control.

Are you looking for a pest control services for offices or workspaces?

If you own business premises designated as office space, you are almost certain to have a legal obligation to your tenants to provide a safe and secure working environment, as part of the tenant agreement.

A pest infestation can present a serious health risk in a densely populated building such as an office, spreading bacteria and disease through air conditioning systems and water supplies. Pests can also cause emotional distress, which may lead to sick leave – and no doubt to you receiving a strongly worded email from your tenants.

Failure on your part to manage pest issues could result in a costly dispute, and even prosecution. To be on the safe side, it is wise to seek pest control solutions from an experienced company such as Malum Southern Pest and Bird Control.

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Pests we can help with

Malum has years of experience in the pest control industry and can treat infestations by all sorts of common pests including rats, mice, flies, ants, cockroaches and nuisance birds.

Commercial Pest Control for Rats

Rats are perhaps the most dreaded of common pests and for good reason. If undetected or ignored, rodents can be destructive and create a significant health hazard, making them a serious threat to your business.

Why it's important to deter rodents

Rats and mice have strong teeth and are well-known for their gnawing habits which can cause significant damage to wires, creating a fire hazard. Look out for tell-tale signs such as bite marks on electric cables.

Rats leave a trail of contamination behind them in their droppings, spreading pathogens such as Salmonellosis and Lyme disease. They are also an enemy to food hygiene, contaminating food supplies and leaving business owners facing possible prosecution.

Malum's three-point treatment for rodents

  1. The first visit involves a full inspection of your premises, before laying rodenticides and/or traps.
  2. We will return to dispose of dead rodents with one week and replenish traps if necessary.
  3. Upon our final visit we will remove all rodenticides and traps, and provide recommendations to reduce the risk of any future infestations.

Commercial Pest Control for Insects

While the odd sign of insects such as flies may not be cause for concern, they multiply at an alarming rate and a pest problem can escalate very quickly.

Why insect control is important

Cockroach, wasp, flea, bedbug and fly control is essential in the interest of public health. They spread disease causing bacteria such as typhoid and dysentery, transferring filth and faeces on their legs. Some species can give nasty bites and cockroaches, for example, can carry allergens that can cause asthma attacks.

Pest control treatments for insect infestations

When it comes to insect infestations, prevention is key. Good hygiene, maintenance and waste management are a must, to keep pest intruders at bay. Regular site inspections and professional pest deterrents are also a must. If infestations take hold, they can usually be treated with professional grade insecticides or heat treatment.

Commercial Pest Control for Birds

Birds such as pigeons and seagulls are such a common sight they become almost invisible, but when they decide to call your building home and flock in great numbers, they can cause havoc.

Why bird control is important

Most people are aware that bird droppings carry nasty diseases such as E. Coli, but the health and safety risk doesn’t end there. The accumulation of bird residues can also cause a dangerous slip hazard.

Bird droppings are not only unsightly, they are also highly acidic, causing serious structural damage over time. Property owners are often faced with costly repairs to roofs and guttering if a bird problem goes untended.

The detritus from birds nests attracts parasites, so you could soon have an insect problem on your hands, too. Nests can also block chimney flues, creating a fire hazard.

Our commercial bird control services

A fully integrated pest control service is advised to prevent birds from nesting on your property. At Malum, we supply, install and maintain bird deterrents such as netting, spikes and bird scarers, as well as offering a falconry service to scare pest birds off once and for all.

When should you call in pest control?

There’s no such thing as calling a pest control expert too early when you suspect an infestation. Rats and insects breed rapidly, so early detection is essential to prevent a pest problem from getting out of control.

Who is responsible for pest control in a block of flats?

In almost all cases, the landlord is responsible for pest control in blocks of flats, under the terms of the tenancy agreement. Failure to treat a pest infested premises leaves commercial building owners vulnerable to disputes with their tenants, local authorities and even prosecution.

Integrated pest management from Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control

Here at Malum we can provide you with a professional and cost-efficient commercial pest control contract to protect your buildings, your tenants and your business. In our considerable experience, the best way to deal with pests is to deter them in the first place, and we are strong advocates of pest prevention measures.

Our fully integrated pest management services offer valuable peace of mind to commercial businesses throughout Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex, with detailed monitoring and regular visits to ensure that their premises remain pest .

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Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control

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