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Bird Control for Motorways & Bridges

Expert bird control and proofing for Highway Agencies

Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control are specialists in providing commercial bird control solutions for local highway agencies. We can stop pigeons nesting within the cavities and gaps beneath bridges and flyovers which can cause hazards to road users or pedestrians below. This includes preventing bird droppings fouling pavements as well as the potential vision of drivers being obscured by falling guano (droppings) from height.

Bird control solutions for Motorways, Bridges and Flyovers

We have recently provided a bird control solution which involved overall project management, to fitting bird netting and working with electricians who were installing new lights.
  • Work was completed at night to reduce impact on traffic and pedestrians in the area
  • We were responsible for the overall management of the project, including planning.
  • Installed bird netting around new energy efficient lights to prevent bird fouling to protect investment of modern lights.
  • We opted for a marine grade stainless steel mesh for long lasting durability (no rust) instead of the standard 50mm polythene bird net to stop pigeons landing and nesting.
  • We removed bird spikes which were installed by a previous pest control company. These were an inadequate solution as the birds could easily overcome these spikes due to their positioning and placement.
  • The use of van mounted access (cherry picker) was required.
  • Aluminium scaffold tower also used.
Prevent pigeons nesting under your bridges and flyovers with Malum bird control solutions.

Why work with Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control?

  • Experts in bird netting, bird spiking, sprung wire, acoustic and visual scaring and optical gels.
  • 24 hour emergency call outs available. We can often visit you the same or next working day to give you the advice you need.
  • Competitive pricing in comparison to other larger pest control companies
  • Results driven. We have over 270 positive reviews on Checkatrade and counting.
  • Ethical and reliable. You can trust us to give you honest advice.
  • FREE, no-obligation pest control quotes in the Hampshire & West Sussex areas.

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