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Cockroach Infestation Case Study

cockroach control case study
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    Greenwich MRF site (MRF – Materials Recovery Facility) is where recyclable materials such as plastics, cardboard, paper and metal are collected from households and sorted using both manual and automated processes. Due to the very nature of a waste and recycling site all kinds of pests can be brought in on the refuse and if left unchecked are an environmental health risk to the surrounding residential and business community.

    The Challenge

    Following a delivery of heavily infested refuse Greenwich MRF noticed an alarming increase in cockroach activity. Urgent action was required to quickly gain control of the situation to prevent them from taking advantage of the ideal breeding conditions. Treatment of such sites can be challenging. It is not possible to penetrate the piles of refuse effectively with an insecticide to reach every harbourage and therefore untreated pockets with cockroaches will remain. This leads to a high risk of re-infestation so an integrated cockroach control plan was planned and implemented at the Greenwich site.

    Our Solution

    The unique set of circumstances and factors that exist in the waste business means there is no singular solution to treat the problem. The integrated approach adopted by our team ensured that the cockroach problem was brought under control effectively and quickly thereby preventing the infestation from further spreading throughout the site or on to the supply chain.

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