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Wasp building nest

What time of year do wasps build nests in the UK?

As the seasons shift and nature awakens, so do the stinging insects that disrupt many picnics and garden parties across the country. Wasps are usually active from spring to early autumn, but it’s the summer months when their buzzing and disruption become most noticeable. There are around 9,000 wasp species in the UK, all of

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Why do wasps come out in summer?

Why Do Wasps Come Out in Summer?

Wasp season is upon us! While they are active from spring to early autumn, summer is the season when the wasp population become more noticeable, buzzing around our picnics and outdoor gatherings. Ever wondered why? In spring, wasps prey on pests like aphids. By summer, when new queens have populated their new colonies, aphids die

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how to get rid of wasps and nests

How to Get Rid of Wasps

The wasp family is very large and no matter the species, all types of wasps can possess a painful sting in addition to forming nests in inconvenient places that can lead to wasp stings. Getting rid of wasps is fairly simple, yet the process can potentially be dangerous without the proper products and equipment. To

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