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chichester in west sussex

Chichester, West Sussex and Hampshire

We are currently researching the towns and cities in which we offer our services. The following provides an insight into Chichester on the border of West Sussex and Hampshire. Pests…a pesky problem in Chichester Like any city, Chichester has its pests and it’s not just tourists that like to flock here. Drawn to the area

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cockroach control case study
Case Studies

Cockroach Infestation Case Study

Greenwich MRF site (MRF – Materials Recovery Facility) is where recyclable materials such as plastics, cardboard, paper and metal are collected from households and sorted using both manual and automated processes. Due to the very nature of a waste and recycling site all kinds of pests can be brought in on the refuse and if left

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how to stop a rat infestation

How to stop a rat infestation

Rats have become an increasing problem in recent years, and you may find yourself wondering what you can do should you find yourself in the unpleasant situation of having a rat problem. In this post, I’ll go over the main methods of how to control rats, such as trapping, poisoning, professional pest control, as well

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