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Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

Dealing with pest pigeons in urban and coastal areas is a constant challenge. Whether you are protecting commercial property, public buildings or your family home; when nuisance birds roost under your solar panels, they will cause serious structural damage, resulting in high maintenance costs for you! Talk to our bird control experts today and get your solar panels professionally pigeon proofed!

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing from Local Bird Control Specialists

At Malum Southern Pest and Bird Control, we specialise in pigeon proofing solar panels across the South Coast of England. Using bespoke techniques we can stop nuisance birds from nesting and fouling on your solar panels at a highly competitive rate.

Professional Solar Panel Bird Control Near Me

Please see some of the example areas we cover locally but we are also willing to travel within a 30 mile radius from Portsmouth. If your specific area isn’t listed please still get in touch with us for advice and a quote, we can still help you.

Why choose Malum for your pigeon proofing solar panels?

Fully licensed pest control company

We are a fully licensed pest and bird control company and we always operate within the confines of the latest laws and regulations surrounding the governing of nuisance birds and the British pest control association.

We cover the South

Our tailor-made, bird proof solar panels service covers the south coast of England in Hampshire from Portsmouth to Southampton including the pretty villages and towns of Lee-On-Solent, Titchfield, Hamble and Fareham.

All works are guaranteed, no payment up front.

We offer a guarantee as standard, and do not require any payment for bird proofing solar panels upfront, making the cost to pigeon proof your property as effortless as efficient as possible. Instead, we will only invoice once the solar panel pigeon proofing is complete and you are satisfied with the work.

We use professional galvanised steel mesh

Although there a number of different bird proofing methods, we believe that the most effective product to use is a specially designed solar panel galvanised steel mesh. All works are non penetrative, conserving your solar panel warranty.

The solar proofing mesh we use provides protection from every type of pest bird, appears virtually invisible from the ground looking up and can be safely installed without any drilling or screwing. Our solar panel proofing kit fits tightly around the panels with clips for a scratch- look that can be safely removed for cleaning.

Stop pigeons from nesting under your solar panels

Most of us do not consider birds to be pests. In fact, many of us hang out feeders, actively encouraging them to visit our gardens. But some birds, such as pigeons, jackdaws and crows can cause just as much damage to your property as an infestation of rats, bed bugs or fleas.

Pest birds love solar panels as the gap between the roof and the panel provides the perfect place to shelter and is somewhere they can be safe, snug and out of sight. But when birds choose to nest underneath, swoop for scraps and foul on your solar panels they can cause significant destruction to your property and cause some serious health hazards too.

Birds such as pigeons carry over 60 different types of diseases that are spread to humans through their toxic droppings. To make matters worse, once the droppings have dried out, they turn to powder which can be carried in the air and inhaled.

And if that doesn’t sound bad enough, there is also the risk of bird mites entering your property and encouraging secondary pest infestations such as moths.

So don’t delay, if you have solar panels and want to protect them from pigeons and other pest birds, contact us today.

Protect your solar panels from birds

We can stop pigeons and other pest birds from roosting beneath your solar panels for good. Thanks to our team of experts and the use of state of the art technology, we are able to access hard to reach roofs where solar panels are usually installed.

A full risk assessment is carried out as standard to see how best to access your roof and in certain circumstances, specialist equipment (such as scaffolding or cherry pickers), may be required.

By working closely with local scaffolding companies we are able to directly pass on any discounts to our customers, helping you to save money along the way.

We do not need to remove any solar panels in the process, nor will we drill or screw on to them (which can void your warranty), enabling you to rest assured knowing that your solar panel performance will never be compromised. Instead, we will pigeon proof your panels, provide them with a thorough clean and eradicate any existing infestations or nesting material.

Preserve your solar panel warranty

By applying our method of installation, we can not only guarantee bird exclusion from beneath your solar panels but we will preserve the warranty of your solar panels for many years to come.

We offer a cost-effective solution to your solar panel bird problem and can include the use of specialist access equipment to help reduce costs. Our prices vary depending on the number of solar panels you have, where they are located and how safe it is to access the area. All of which will be assessed before any work is even undertaken.

Whether you have a three-storey townhouse, glass conservatory or a steeply pitched roof, we have the knowledge and know-how to get the job done.

Free 5-year Guarantee on our bird control materials

All of the bird control materials that we use are stainless steel and come with a 5-year guarantee. We offer this specialist service to residential customers as well as those within the commercial sector.

If you have noticed pigeons nesting or perching on your panels, frolicking on your fence or running riot on your rooftop, you may want to consider some bird control solutions before the situation gets out of hand.

If you are interested in our solar panel pigeon proofing, then please contact us for , no-obligation, consultation and a quote today.

Frequently asked questions on pigeon proofing solar panels

From how much does it cost, to the ins and out of how it stops pigeons nesting under solar panels, we are used to answering a wide range of questions on our pigeon proofing solar panels service. For your convenience we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. For more professional advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes, it is possible to buy your own solar panel bird proofing kit, however, we would always recommend using a pest control company to undertake the work on your behalf. Not only are our technicians trained to operate at height, but they are qualified to use specialist equipment such as scaffolding. The cleaning and sealing process for eradicating birds and pests is complex and should only ever be undertaken by a pest control expert.

Unfortunately, pigeons are birds of habit who like to nest in the same place each year. Therefore you need a permanent solution in order to move these nuisance birds on. This is why steel mesh is so effective as it prevents pest birds from accessing underneath your solar panels, forcing them to find new nesting areas – well away from your home.

At Malum Southern Pest and Bird Control, we will consult with you on the best way to pigeon proof your solar panels. This way we can agree on access and arrange any specialist equipment in advance. Once onsite, we will remove any pigeons insight and clean the area so that it is from debris and potential parasites. Please note that we will not need to lift or remove any solar panels in order to do this. We will then treat the area for any secondary pest infestations and make sure that any leftover excrement does not corrode or damage the structure of your home. As a final procedure, we will install some made to measure steel mesh that effortlessly clips over the main structure of your solar panels and roof tiles. This will prevent any pest pigeons from fluttering underneath and setting up home.

Bird faeces does affect the energy efficiency of solar panels, even though most solar panels are self-cleaning. Birds tend to poop a lot, and when they do it is extremely acidic. This means that over time a large build-up can occur and impact the amount of electricity generated by a module. Grime and bird poop doesn’t even need to cover an entire panel to have an effect, it only needs to splash a small area and the damage is done.

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At Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control we pride ourselves at providing the very best integrated pest management approach. We look at every challenge from outside the box to give you the very best long term solutions. Through our experience we can provide a guaranteed* and professional approach.

We also specialise in a number of other bird control services including bird netting, spikes, sprung wiring, optical gel and visual scaring and can advise on the most appropriate solution for you.

If you would like to know more about pigeon proofing solar panels, or any of our bird control services then get in touch with us at Malum.

Our qualified and experienced staff are on standby 24 hour a day, ready to tackle your bird dilemmas.

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