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Pigeon Dropping (Guano) Removal

Specialist Pigeon Dropping Removal Service in Hampshire, West Sussex and Dorset

Living in Southampton and Portsmouth, we are well accustomed to seeing pigeons – and their awful droppings (guano) – in our towns and cities. But when the problem is closer to home, it can be more than just an irritation. While the occasional sighting of bird droppings on your property is normal, if bird waste is left to build up it can cause serious problems.

The sight (and smell) of accumulated pigeon poo is of course, unpleasant and off-putting. But apart from being an assault on the senses, pigeon guano carries diseases and is highly corrosive. Therefore, in large quantities, bird droppings can pose a serious risk to human health and can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.

When droppings blight your home or business, it may be tempting to try and remove it yourself. Considering the potential health risk and the danger involved in cleaning hard to reach, often high areas, this is ill-advised. The good news is that there are professional guano removal services available.

Professional Guano Removal and Cleaning

Malum Pest & Bird Control is an expert in the removal of pigeon guano. Our cleaning methods are safe and effective, and we use specialist equipment to eradicate all signs of guano, even in tough to reach areas. We are trusted bird control experts, so along with bird dropping removal, we can also provide bird control services to rid you of pigeons and seagulls.

To obtain a quote for the removal of bird guano removal either at home or your place of business, please call Malum today on 0800 228 9238 or email

Highly rated in bird control solutions across the South Coast

When it comes to bird dropping removal in Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex, you need look no further than Malum Pest & Bird Control. We are trusted experts in guano cleaning, with impeccable credentials. Even if your building has a severe build-up of pigeon guano, we will leave it clean, safe and dropping .

Using specialist equipment, we can remove bird guano from the hardest to reach places such as roofs, eaves, solar panels, window ledges, signage and gutters. We will also ensure your brickwork and fascias are completely from unsightly droppings, so you can be proud of them once more. Our service includes interior spaces such as lofts, warehouses and garages.

First, we will conduct a thorough survey of your site to identify the affected areas. The cleaning process begins with the removal of bird waste using professional techniques to avoid hazardous airborne dust. To counter the diseases carried in guano, we will follow up by cleaning the affected areas with tough, industry-standard disinfectant before jet washing to remove every last trace of waste. Following that, if necessary, we can also spray an insecticide to treat or avoid infestations. Finally, we ensure that all waste is collected and disposed of responsibly and in line with government guidelines, causing the least amount of environmental impact. In many cases, our removal and cleaning services can be carried out in mere hours.

Malum upholds the highest of workplace standards. Our conscientious pest control experts are fully trained in safe working and use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment at all times they are present on site. They will make sure that the area is safe and secure before starting work, as laid out in our risk assessment. You can be assured that we have the utmost respect for your property and will take great care to preserve building materials and avoid causing further damage.

Why the removal of pigeon droppings is important

Here are a few good reasons why the removal of bird droppings is important, and why you should call a guano removal and cleaning expert without delay.

Sight and smell

The sight of dried bird droppings on your property ruins the aesthetic and can give the impression of neglect. It is a very discouraging sight for customers, who may view a company negatively as a result. If the sight of guano doesn’t turn them off, then the vile smell it generates certainly will.

Pigeon droppings found at home

When you take pride in your home, it is disappointing when it looks less than its best. If you have a problem with birds nesting on your roof, then inevitably you will suffer from a constant deluge of droppings. Bird waste on the exterior of a house is far from welcoming and can, understandably, be upsetting for the owner. Rather than treat the problem yourself, it is strongly advised to employ a guano cleaning service to rid you of the problem safely.

A threat to human health and safety

Diseases can be found in pigeon waste namely Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis – which are as nasty as they sound. Although relatively uncommon, if droppings enter ventilation systems or water supplies they may be inhaled or consumed, which carries a real risk of infection. This is particularly bad news for vulnerable people with low immune systems or those that suffer from respiratory problems.

Where food is stored, prepared or served, if guano is present it can potentially cause contamination. Prompt and regular cleaning is essential to avoid the risk to human health. If ignored, a company could face hefty fines or even closure.

Bird droppings can also create a slip hazard. In a work setting, it is a health and safety disaster waiting to happen.

Insect infestations

In some cases, a build-up of bird guano can attract insects. Nesting materials and waste left by pigeons invites decay, which can be a fertile breeding ground for parasites. Cleaning the affected areas regularly is strongly advised or you may be vulnerable to an insect infestation, creating a whole host of other problems.

Damage to buildings and machinery

As if the sight, smell and risk to health weren’t enough, pigeon guano can also cause extensive damage to buildings and machinery. Guano is highly acidic so it can corrode a wide variety of surfaces including metal, brickwork, plastics, plaster and paint. Pigeons happily nest within roof spaces, so the damage can be interior as well as exterior. Therefore, virtually all areas of your building are vulnerable to damage by bird waste.

In a workshop or industrial setting, the corrosive effects of bird guano can damage and destroy valuable equipment and vehicles. The cost involved in repairing or replacing it could be financially ruinous, especially if the business is put out of action for a considerable time.

When bird droppings enter ventilation systems and pipes, aside from the health risk it can cause blockages. Again, this could lead to crippling repair costs and business interruption.

Contact us for Guano removal

To protect your buildings from the blight of bird guano, it’s important to employ the services of a professional cleaning service. Contact us at Malum Pest & Bird Control to find out more about our bird droppings removal service, and get a quote today. We can offer thorough cleaning and decontamination of your property, as well as offering valuable pest control advice.

Expert Bird Control in Hampshire, West Sussex & Dorset

If you find yourself employing the services of a guano cleaning expert, chances are that you are suffering from a pigeon infestation. As well as nesting on roofs, pigeons can settle in the most inhospitable places like guttering, ledges and even in chimneys and lofts. A flock can contain hundreds of birds, each with an impressive homing instinct which makes them hard to deter once settled.

Once pigeon droppings are safely removed, the team at Malum can offer valuable services and advice to get rid of your pigeon problem and stop them from coming back. We employ a number of techniques and methods such as the use of bird spikes and bird nets, to ensure that pigeons and seagulls do not target your building again.

Please visit our bird control pages and contact us today for more information about our safe, humane and effective bird prevention services.

Pigeon Guano Removed by Malum

At Malum, we understand how difficult and upsetting a bird dropping problem can be. We can assure you of safe and efficient cleaning services to remove every last trace of guano on your property.

Please contact us today to get a quote on our guano removal service and for more information on our pest control services to help rid you of pigeons for good. We operate within Hampshire, West Sussex and Dorset areas and are available 24-hours a day.

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