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Offering abseiling for bird control across the South Coast – Hampshire and West Sussex

If your business, home or dwelling is suffering due to birds, then it’s time to act and fight back against these feathery foes.

Roosting, messing and clogging up guttering there is no doubt about it, these flying invaders are a pest. Although some birds, such as sparrows and starlings are protected by law, others such as pigeons and seagulls are considered fair game when it comes to bird eradication. Experts in bird proofing measures and deterrents, Malum Integrated Pest Management have the knowledge and know-how to help you protect your property.

We use rope access methods instead of scaffolding when placing weatherproof bird netting, stainless steel spikes and sprung wires as it enables us to cover a building without making it look like a building site. We abseil to erect this equipment as it erases the associated problems that using scaffolding can bring, such as disruption to public access and increased security risks, especially if bird proofing deterrents have to stay in place for quite some time.
Abseiling for bird control and proofing
Stop pigeons and birds nesting on the outside of your building with nets and spikes.

Why choose Malum for your bird proofing problems in Hampshire & West Sussex?

Birds are very territorial by nature, choosing to return to the same ledge or location time and time again as they considered this to be their home. At Malum Integrated Pest Management, we have a solid understanding of bird behaviour and alongside nets, spike, wires, optical gels and even falconry we can evict these pesky pests for good.

Quite often pigeons and gulls choose to perch in hard to reach places such as on window sills, beams, roof tops or chimney pots, so reaching them can often prove tricky. But at Malum, we are well equipped to scale buildings, barns, gutters and garages and can abseil from great heights depending on your needs.

Abseiling and roping off access to certain areas can be a cost-effective form of pest control for eliminating birds. Rather than spending time and money erecting scaffolding or mobile hoists, our team of abseiling experts who are trained to IRATA level 3 standard can provide a comprehensive service that will rid you of roosting birds

You may also be interested in taking out a regular bird proofing contract with us, if you live or operate in a built up or coastal area that has an ever-increasing pigeon or seagull population.

Offering the best in bird control solutions

Don’t get us wrong, we all love to see birds soaring in the sky, but with a prolific increase in feral pigeons and gulls, our cities are being overrun with them. And unfortunately, birds make a lot of mess. From fouling (which is acidic and can erode stonework and brickwork) to food remnants, dropped feathers and that ear-piercing squawk, they are a nuisance that are difficult to ignore.

At Malum Integrated Pest Management in Hampshire and West Sussex, we appreciate that we need to live side by side with all types of birds and do not want to harm them in anyway. Therefore, we only use humane methods of preventing birds from landing on potential problem areas with bird netting and vertical wires being the most popular to abseil and fit, although we can even deploy our very own bird of prey.

From car parks to hospitals, residential blocks and landfill sites we are able to manage a whole host of different domestic and commercial properties across the South Coast. And, we not only install deterrent bird proofing solutions but can offer a host of preventative advice to protect you in the future.

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