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Whether they are nesting in your roof space or causing problems for guests sitting outside your restaurant, birds can be a nuisance. As the name suggests, we are pest and bird control specialists.

Through our vast experience, we understand that there is rarely only one solution for dealing with bird pests. We work closely with you to implement the right bird proofing methods and get the best results for your home or business.

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Why use a professional bird control company?

Risk Mitigation Against Disease
Avian pests are known to carry harmful disease which can affect humans, these include: Ornithosis, H5N1 Bird Flu, Salmonella, E.Coli, Histoplasmosis and Campylobacter.
Bird Droppings
The fouling left by birds is acidic and will increase the deterioration of buildings, which will result in white staining and increased maintenance costs. Fouling will block gutters and gulley’s causing significant water damage, in some cases, if initially undetected. Foul odours and dust are caused by bird droppings, which can be hazardous when breathed in.
Parasites and other insects

Birds and their nests carry bird mite, lice and ticks, to name a few, all of which will bite and distress humans. Other pests such as Moths can also breed within the nesting material which can cause significant damage, depending on your circumstances.

Health & Safety
Bird droppings are a known slip hazard. Fouling being present upon staircases and floors, for example, can be particularly dangerous.
General Licenses for Bird Management
We are able to use a General Licence for activities that carry a low risk to the conservation of certain protected species. When planning to act under the authority of a general licence we must be eligible to do so and comply within the terms of the relevant licence and the law.
Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 gives protection to many species of animals and birds. One of the implications of this act is that the law protects ALL wild birds, their nests and their eggs. Breaching this legislation can result in hefty fines and prosecution. This is just one of many reasons why a professional business should be sought.

Bird proofing measures we specialise in

There are a number of different proofing systems available. The system employed depends on the nature of the building and a factor known as ‘bird pressure’. Bird pressure is a term used to describe how determined the birds are to remain in an area. Drawing from our experience we can quickly determine the bird pressure present and suggest the most effective solution, using this system helps to allow us to select the proofing system that is most suitable for each site.

Bird Proofing Solar Panels

At Malum we specialise in pigeon proofing solar panels across the South. Fitting a specially designed galvanised steel mesh around the edge of your solar panels to prevent pest pigeons and other birds from accessing and voiding your solar panel warranty. The mesh we use can also be removed for cleaning and will not damage your solar panels.

Bird Netting

Specialised weatherproof netting is stretched taunt across roofs and voids and attached to stainless steel fixings and wire rope. Installing bird netting is a highly skilled job as a well installed bird net will be unobtrusive and will remain effective for many years.

Within a high pressure area bird nets are usually the only technique that can be guaranteed against determined birds. Bird nets with different size holes are also available for a number of different species.

bird spikes for bird control

Bird Spiking (Vertical Wires)

Stainless steel blunt wires are embedded within a UVA stable plastic base and are secured with a specialist neutral adhesive along ledges to prevent the birds from landing on them.

Whilst bird spikes are an effective solution in most cases, birds within high pressure areas have been known to overcome these vertical wires by filling between the bird spikes with enough twigs and debris so that they can comfortably sit on top of them. Thus the need for an experienced business to complete a site survey.

Sprung Wire

A tensioned stainless steel wire is stretched between stainless steel posts drilled into the ledges along a building. The wires prevent birds from looking over the edge of the ledge which usually discourages birds from the ledge itself.

This approach also stops birds from landing on the ledge as they will bounce off the wire. Sprung wire is only used in low pressure sites, and very occasionally medium pressure sites. They are relatively unobtrusive and cost effective to install, however ongoing maintenance is highly recommended.

Acoustic Scaring

By blasting out the distress calls of certain bird species other individuals of that species will stay away. However this only works in the short term by itself, Falconry is an ideal addition to this. This is rarely effective against Pigeons, an acoustic scarer is much more effective on other bird species.

Visual Scaring

The purchase and installation of plastic owls on ledges in intended to scare birds from site. However as these plastic birds never move or fly the pest birds soon come to realise that they are no threat and harmless. Such deterrents can normally be found with guano on them where birds have sat on them.

There are also silhouettes available of birds of prey in flight. Should these be installed between two buildings they are supposed to prevent birds from landing. However, as they don’t land or move the birds become accustomed to them and eventually ignore them.

Optical Gel

Optical Gel is installed in low profile dishes and can be installed externally, internally, flat, diagonal and upside down. Optical Gel appears to birds as fire and thus deters birds from landing where applied. This works by altering the bird’s behaviour and not acting as a barrier.

Left undisturbed optical gel can be effective for up to three years before replacement is required. Optical Gel is ideal where building aesthetics is a concern and can be used at any range of bird pressure sites.

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