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chichester in west sussex
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    We are currently researching the towns and cities in which we offer our services. The following provides an insight into Chichester on the border of West Sussex and Hampshire.

    Pests…a pesky problem in Chichester

    Like any city, Chichester has its pests and it’s not just tourists that like to flock here. Drawn to the area thanks to its open spaces, waterside living and plenty of food sources, you’ll see foxes, flies and other insects investigating overflowing bins and sniffing around businesses.

    Down by the harbour you won’t just find luxurious yachts but thieving sea birds and rats scavenging for scraps. Chichester Cathedral has its own family of peregrine falcons who do a good job of keeping other birds at bay, but pigeons still play foul of their rules, creating nests and soiling on nearby buildings. If you do have a problem with birds we offer a bird control service in West Sussex.

    At Malum we use innovative and effective deterrents for pest control in Chichester, leaving your house or business infestation . If you live in Chichester and require our assistance, then please call us for a , no obligation quote today and let us make your pest problems a thing of the past.

    The historical city of Chichester

    Cosseted at the foot of the South Downs, Chichester is the only city located in West Sussex. A beautiful place to visit all year round, it is surrounded by picturesque countryside, sandy beaches, fishing villages and sites of historical interest. Originally a Roman settlement, today Chichester is classed as a city of culture, hosting a variety of festivals and plays.

    Stroll around the city centre and you can’t fail to miss the Gothic Cathedral, with its stained-glass windows and imposing spire – visible even at sea. Step inside and you’ll discover two rare medieval sculptures and many modern day works of art.

    Wander down the many lanes and you’ll get to glimpse the magnificent architecture of buildings built in both Georgian and Medieval eras. Shop ‘til you drop in the many boutiques and when it’s time to eat, take you take your choice from a variety of quaint coffee shops and eclectic restaurants.

    Chichester Harbour, with its wide expanses and intricate creeks, is a wildlife haven and is the most idyllic of places to stretch your legs whilst admiring the view.

    Fine art and fun sports

    Travel further afield and you will find Fishbourne, famed for its Roman ruins. Here you can discover the largest and best-reserved Roman Palace in the country and view a number of relics, which have been recovered since the site was excavated.

    On the outskirts of the city you will find Goodwood, home to the current Earl and Countess of March.  Here you can admire the wonderful collection of fine art on display including those from renowned artists such as Stubbs, Van Dyke and Canaletto.

    World renowned as a sporting estate, Goodwood comes alive when it is hosting one of its spectacular events. From horseracing to motor racing, golf, flying and shooting, there is something to keep all sports enthusiasts enthralled.

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    Dean is an expert pest control specialist and has been providing pest control services for over 10 years. His company Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control can deal with a wide range of pest problems and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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